The Little Things – Sunday Evenings

Appreciating Sunday Evenings

Did you all have a fun weekend? Mine was packed with fun activities with friends and family – shopping to find a dress for a gala I’m attending on Friday, a night out dancing and a first time visit in my new flat from my family. It was definitely a weekend I was looking forward to for a long time.

Right now, I’m ‘relaxing’ from all those fun activities, catching up on some blog reading and listening to new favourite music (I’m really into Bear’s Den at the moment). Sitting here, content like that, made me think that Sunday evenings are a part of our week that often get neglected and definitely not appreciated enough.

Very often, they aren’t really our favourite part of the week – the weekend is over, Monday is almost there and there are so many things that we wanted to do at the weekend but didn’ t get around to. And the next weekend is still so far away.

In my opinion, from now on these evenings should get a different focus. Instead of dreading the week ahead, I want to spend that time looking back on the fun weekend I just had and re-charge for the next day. Prepare for the week, if you like to call it that. Plan a little bit what has to get done when and what can be neglected. This really takes away a lot of pressure out of a never-ending to-do lists. Then I like to call my best friend (who lives far too many miles away), prepare some comforting food and relax with a good book or TV show. And just like that, Sunday evenings have become a favourite part of my week.

What do you normally do on a Sunday evening? I hope you are definitely enjoying yours!


  • Danielle | Lucky Number Seven
    November 11, 2013


    I love the dress you picked! I have a gala to go to for my husbands work. I am still on the hunt for the perfect dress! Sunday evenings are usually spent relaxing whether that be catching up on a tv show, listening to music, preparing meals for the week, or blogging. Glad you had a wonderful weekend!!

    • hanna
      November 11, 2013


      Good luck on the dress hunt, I think it’s so hard to find affordable and nice formal dresses.
      The Sunday evenings you are describing sound oerfect, that’s exactly what I like as well.
      And thanks, I read that your weekend was pretty great as well (with the concert!).

  • miss b
    November 11, 2013


    You are right – we should appreciate Sunday evenings and not just think that the weekend is over. I like a quiet relaxing evening before the new week starts too.

    • hanna
      November 11, 2013


      I’m so glad that you agree!

  • Corina
    November 12, 2013


    I totally agree with you!
    Those small things are what makes life beautiful.
    I love stopping everything and just see how small we are

    • hanna
      November 12, 2013


      You’re absolutely right. It’s so important to just stop and enjoy life around us a little bit. :)

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