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Happy Friday my dears! You already know that Helena no longer contributes to Hanna’s Places and she will definitely be missed. Nevertheless, I still think it’s important to value the little things in life, so I decided to keep this column going – just with a slightly different spin (and a new name), so there’s no confusion there.

For my first post, I thought it would be only fitting to start with the one thing that makes blogging so much fun and actually gives me the reason to write this column – you. I’ve wanted to say thank you for quite some time now. I know every blogger says this over and over, but I met some truly amazing people in the last four months. Most importantly, those people are from all around the world, which is pretty mind-blowing as well, don’t you think? Blogging is such a great place to just go ahead and try something new. Whatever you do, there will always be somebody giving advice or saying some nice words, which is incredibly encouraging if you are only in the beginning stages.

Because of this blog, I started taking way more photos than ever before, I played around with Photoshop and Illustrator and most importantly, I started writing on a regular basis.

Ever since I was a small kid, I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. Sometimes an author, sometimes a freelance journalist, I wasn’t really picky there. I knew that being a novelist wasn’t a realistic dream, but living in a nice little house by the sea and just writing books or articles for magazines sounded like the perfect way to spend my life. To be honest, that still sounds pretty appealing to me.
While I’m not intending to publish my first novel anytime soon, this blog has given me the chance and an outlet to write about a whole lot of topics that interest me. Blogging gives you the possibility to think of your own features and columns and publish them the same day. That’s a privilege we have today most writers and creatives take for granted far too quickly. Ten years ago, a writer would have to submit his work somewhere big, to newspapers or magazines, and hope to get published. Today we just have to hit one button. And it’s not only the possibility to publish, it’s the warm feedback I already mentioned and also the possibility to work with others and create something so much better than anything done alone. All this has made blogging a much appreciated wonderful part of my life.
What about you? How has blogging influenced your life and why did you start your blog? And if you’re not a blogger, what other kind of creative outlet do you have?


  • danielle
    October 4, 2013


    I tend to follow bloggers that have the dreamer, go-getter mentality. Ones that live their lives to the fullest and aren’t afraid to follow their hearts. They push me to do the same and those are the best in my opinion!

    • hanna
      October 5, 2013


      Yes you are so right! It’s best to folliw people who inspire you to do better every day, without feeling like a ‘loser’ because you are not achieving as much! :)

  • Helena
    October 5, 2013


    I’m so glad you’re continuing this column, and I really love its new name!! This post is written beautifully – just perfect to go with what you’re talking about :) And a little house by the sea sounds perfect, no matter what you do in there. I can totally imagine what you must have in your mind as well ;)

    • hanna
      October 5, 2013


      I’ m so glad you like it! :)
      I think we actually talked about the name as well, but somehow didn’t choose it…and yes, a little house by the sea is definitely still a dream ;)

  • Lucy
    October 5, 2013


    I really love your blog and am glad you’re carrying this column on! I love blogging so much, I have ‘met’ so many lovely people that I consider friends… I’ve only really met a few but it doesn’t change that we are involved in each other’s lives. So brilliant to have support!

    Lucy xo | We Resolve Blog

    • hanna
      October 5, 2013


      Thank you so much :)

      Yes, with met I also meant, talked to in columns an mails, but you know what I mean ;)

      It’s just a whole lot of fun!

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