Why You Should Try Suspended Coffee

Have you guys heard of suspended coffee? Such a cool concept!

Have you guys ever heard of suspended coffee? I didn’t until I read about it on Tumblr the other day. Apparently it’s a tradition that has been started in Naples (Italy) to help people-in-need to a cup of hot coffee.

At some coffeshops you can pay for one or two (or more) coffees in advance. You pay and leave with your own beverage. Then, when someone who can’t afford their own coffee comes in, they can ask for a suspended coffee and have the one you paid for in advance. Isn’t that a beautiful system?

I don’t know how many coffeeshops are already participating in that (as I said, I never heard of it before), but next time I buy a coffee I want to ask if that is possible. Wouldn’t it be great if coffeeshops all over the world offered this? After all, they don’t lose anything since the coffees are paid for.

Will you help and spread the word? More information here.




  • Latrina
    Juli 16, 2013

    Oh, wow. What a great idea!!

    As a barista, I haven’t heard of this particular method… however, I’ve had quite a few customers buy a $5 giftcard for me to keep and give to whomever I want (a customer who can’t afford their own, etc) — it’s like a „Pay it forward“ type of thing.

    I just love that! And I have people come up and buy the person behind them coffee all the time. Complete strangers! It just makes my heart happy. :)

  • Angie
    Juli 19, 2013

    hi Hanna, your new blog is reaaally pretty! :)

    As for suspended coffee, it’s a really cute idea! I’ve heard of people doing that in drive throughs before, paying for the next person’s order. Although that may get expensive for that person haha. I like the idea of doing it with a single cup of coffee, easy way to pay it forward!

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