On turning twenty and future plans

My thoughts on turning twenty this week

This past Tuesday I turned twenty. It was a beautiful and warm day and practically one long picnic with different groups of friends. We ate cake, barbecued and had a whole lot of fun. It was also kind of strange, because it was my first birthday ever I didn’t spend with my family at home, but only with people from my new town or university I have only known for a few months.

For me, nineteen was a year of change. Starting university, moving out from my parents home, leaving Europe for the first time, having my first serious internship, starting this blog, going to a church that’s totally different from my old one, meeting new people everywhere (in real life and on this blog)…
It was fun (obviously), but also exhausting from time to time. I usually like routine and am a little bit afraid of change, so I can’t deny that there were also hard times when I wished for some more clarity and calm anchors in my life.

For this new year, I wish to get a little bit more relaxed about change and trust God in everything that is coming my way. I want to settle the aspects in my life that are stressing me out although they could be fixed so easily. And most importantly: I want to enjoy this year. Everybody says that their twenties and their student years were the best times of their lives. I wish to be able to say something like that one day as well. I want to be able to say, that I pursued my dreams, did my best in every aspect of my life and made tons of great memories.
I’m currently right in the middle of exams, but as soon as I’m finished I want to start working on my goals again. I made a few lists with twenty things to do on them – twenty books to read, twenty things to get right, twenty things to learn, twenty new kinds of foods to eat, twenty places to visit…
It might be a crazy project, but who knows? And who am I kidding, writing the lists is just a whole lot of fun!

I hope you all have a great day. And if it was your birthday or not, let’s all start a year of bravery and adventure today. Because, why not?

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