Ingredients for…A Lovely Weekend


Happy Friday my friends! Can you believe another week just passed by so quickly? I must admit, for me it wasn’t really a ‘working week’ because Wednesday was a public holiday, all my classes on Tuesday were cancelled and I always have Fridays off from university as well (did I just make you a tiny bit jealous?). Anyway, although I didn’t have much work at university there was a lot of other stuff to do, so I am still glad that it’s the weekend. A pizza date with my family and some other fun stuff are definitely in order. Here’s a few ingredients for a very lovely weekend:

Book to Read: I just finished reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer and seriously it is so good. I once read an article by an author who said that this book had turned all his friends into vegetarians who wanted to convert every meat eater into a fellow vegetarian. I must admit, I wasn’t a vegetarian before, but it’s true, after reading Eating Animals you want to tell everybody how bad the meat industry is. I won’t. But I highly suggest you read it!

Project to Try: Another great and simple summer project, a handmade skirt! I bought some great colorful fabric at the Massai market last year so I think I should give this a try. It sounds so incredibly easy (and it would be so cool if you were able to say you made the skirt you’re wearing yourself!).

Food to Eat: This looks so good and is also really healthy! I would love to try it this week since it’s apparently also really easy to prepare. Perfect for me, since I am very often quite famished once I return home from university!

Article to Read: This is not really an article, but a slideshow with pictures by Peter Menzel for his book Hungry Planet. It shows different families from all over the globe in their home with the food they usually consume in a week. Really interesting and sometimes quite shocking!

Chore to Tackle: For me, this weekend is definitely the time to clean out my closet! I have already Spring cleaned (yay), but my wardrobe isn’t really in Spring mood yet. I also want to work through last semester’s Sociology lectures (for my upcoming exams).  I’ve got three down, seven more to go. Let’s hope for the best!

What are you up to this weekend? Hope you have lots of nice plans.


  • Marie
    May 3, 2013


    Hey Hanna,
    you’ve got a cute new space online :)
    I’ve been wanting to read ‘eating animals’ for years but I’m afraid I might get nightmares… or decide to become a vegan(which clearly wouldn’t be a good choice considering my tight student budget…) . Maybe one day :)

    • hanna
      May 4, 2013


      Thank you!
      You should definitely read the book if you have been thinking about it, it’s so good.
      Maybe if you don’t really have the money to go completely vegan, you could start with one or two vegan days a week, I guess that would make a difference as well. :)

  • Amanda
    May 6, 2013


    that slideshow is crazy interesting! good find!

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