Porridge with Orange Jam


Happy Monday everybody! Let me introduce you to another series I want to start on this blog, workday breakfast!

On the weekends we have lots of time on hand to make and enjoy a wonderful breakfast/brunch (although I must admit I often prefer staying in bed longer to making pancakes…). On workdays though there’s often barely enough time for a cup of coffee. Breakfast can be delicious, healthy and also fast if you want to, so I’ll give you some inspiration for those hectic mornings most of us have! I wouldn’t call them recipes though, I think everybody knows how to put oatmeal into a bowl ;).

This is number one and also my father’s favourite (and daily) breakfast: some yoghurt with rolled oats (about five spoons) and a spoon full of orange marmalade. I love it as well and it is surprisingly long-lasting! Pour yourself a glass of juice and you’re good to go for a successful morning!


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