5 thoughts about life in Scotland (so far)

Thoughts about living in Scotland so far

Time is flying by (as always) and I’ve already been in Scotland for more than ten days! I don’t know if you have followed up on the news about the Scottish referendum, but the Scots have decided that they want to remain in the United Kingdom. Walking the streets of Glasgow in the past few days, this decision didn’t seem possible. Glasgow was definitely a stronghold for ‘Yes’-voters! It wouldn’t have surprised me to see people with Yes-Tattoos somewhere. I’m definitely excited to be in this country at this time (by the way, this video explains exceptionally what the whole referendum was about). Some other tid-bits:

1 | Everyone who has warned me about the accent: You were (partly) right! It’s definitely harder to understand than the English accent, but I feel like it gets better every day. Older people are harder to get than the young onesand following other peoples conversations, but I’m getting there. Next goal: Using ‘Aye’ in conversations without sounding strange.

2 | Apart from the accent, the Scots are incredibly friendly! The woman at the cash register, the waiters, random people in the street: everybody’s up for a little chat and always happy to help if you look lost.

3 | I love that there are charity and vintage shops everywhere here. They save you money, you are doing something good and it’s basically recycling. I’ve only bought a few books so far (what else?), but I’m keeping my eyes open for a tartan scarf and maybe some cool old kitchen utensils. Shopping like this is a little bit like treasure hunting, you never know what you might get (living on the edge here guys).

4 | I’m determined to try as many Scottish specialties as I can while I’m here. I’ve already had crumpets, shortbread and salty porridge. On my list remaining is Dundee cake, Potato Scones, Black Bun, Oatcakes and Rumbledethumps (just because of the name). I won’t ever try Haggis, I think!

5 | As soon as I arrived I addressed myself to the task of finding a good church and I’m so glad I found it almost immediately. The people were so friendly, the message was mind-blowing and there are lot of great ways to engage with the community. My best tip for everyone feeling lost in a new city or country: come to church! Even though I only met those people a week ago, we’ve been out for drinks and to the museums together and there’s a Silent Disco on today! Tomorrow we’re going hiking at Loch Lomond. My heart is happy.

Well, I can’t wait for the next few weeks! Uni is starting on Monday, we’ll see what that is all about. One of my best friends is coming to visit next weekend, I’m going to the Isle of Skye and Eilan Donan castle (the one from ‘Made of Honor’ and James Bond) and my parents are visiting as well. Fun times ahead. What are you up to at the moment?


  • Christina
    September 21, 2014


    Lovely post..! I’ve been thinking that I’d love to live in Scotland, even for a few years, if possible and I try to read as many things about life there as possible! I guess the main thing to get used to would be the weather but I’ve always loved cloudy days and I’m not too fond of super hot weather..!

    • Hanna
      September 24, 2014


      You should just go ahead and do it! Maybe you could go in the summer and autumn, than the weather won’t be so bad (by the way: ever since I have arrived it has rained ONCE and I’ve been in T-shirt lots of days, even though it’s late September!)

  • Melissa
    September 24, 2014


    Nice reading about Glasgow from a visitors perspective. Have you been going to the Oxfam bookshop on Byres Road? Amazing. I can’t go in there without buying a few books.
    I’ve never even heard of Rumbledethumps and I’ve lived here all my life. Another delicacy: deep fried Mars bars (I’ve only had it once… it’s an interesting experience!)

    Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures. Good luck with uni! I go to St Silas if you’re ever fancying a change for a week from C7!


    • Hanna
      September 24, 2014


      Yes I’ve been to the Oxfam shop, it’s a dream! I could probably spend a few hours in there! The other shops on Byres Road (Vintage Guru for example) are pretty cool as well.
      Haha, funny that you have never heard of Rumbledethumbs, guess it’s something tourists are told about that doesn’t really exist ;). I’ve heard about the Mars bars, but I’m not sure if I really want to eat it, haha. I guess I have to though.
      I will definitely share more soon. So cool, that you are going to a church as well, maybe I’ll come along one day. You can visit C7 anytime as well, there’s so much going on.


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