Exploring Glasgow | Kelvingrove Park

Exploring Glasgow | Kelvingrove Park & Park Circus 4

On my first day in Glasgow the weather was beautiful and sunny, perfect to go out and explore a little bit. I started out by visiting Kelvingrove Park, which is in the west of Glasgow and right next to the university. The perfect place for some book reading, people watching or just a break if you want to rest your feet. As much as I love living in the city, I’m always happy if there is a little bit of green and nature to go to. If you ever go to Glasgow, you should definitely enjoy the relaxed atmosphere here and the great views of the university and the grand old buildings around.

Exploring Glasgow | Kelvingrove Park & Park Circus

Now I’m off to do some more exploring. This evening there’s a Ceilidh dance hosted for the students, so I’m curious about that as well. Has anybody of you ever tried dancing Ceilidh?


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