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Last month, Trina and I started a new and exciting column, one we’ve been dreaming about for ages – How We Do. We talked about how we like to spend our favourite December day and wanted to hear about the way you like to spend it as well! I am so happy and excited that so many of you joined in. It’s been so much fun reading them.

Today it is finally time for Issue 2 of How We Do: A Slow Sunday Morning. You know, those mornings when you don’t have anything special to do or anywhere to be…


Hanna writes: I’m a big fan of slow mornings. Up until recently, I had to get up and out of the house early every morning, so starting the day without any commitments is definitely a luxury I try to relish as much as possible.

On the perfect Sunday morning, I would wake up really early, but not because my alarm clock goes off, but on my own. Instead of getting up immediately, I would lie around in bed a little bit more, dreaming and reading a new (favourite) book. Since I’m a big breakfast person, sooner or later I will get hungry and prepare a big luxurious breakfast – with eggs and tomatoes, fresh fruit and of course – coffee. Next up is a hot and long bath with everything important: face mask and peeling, moisturizer, music playing in the background…you name it. After I’m all relaxed and warm it’s time to head outside and go for a walk, maybe discover a new part of town. Since I have pledged to take more photos in the New Year, my camera will definitely come with me as well. I guess by now morning is long gone, but every thought of work as well. It’s still time to meet a few people and socialize. My church introduced services in the afternoon a few weeks ago, so it’s now the perfect time to head over there, maybe a little early and catch up with friends and just fully enjoy the time at church.

I truly can’t wait for the next Sunday to come.


Trina writes: Having Sunday mornings off is a rarity for me, however, when I do get one off, I like to make the most of it. In my home, it’s dubbed „Trina time.“

Just like any day off, I sleep in, or at least until the sun refuses to leave my tired eyes alone. One of my favorite ways to start a Sunday morning is snuggling in bed while watching an old cartoon on Netflix. Sometimes it’s just refreshing & comforting to feel like a child, and an episode of The Magic School Bus or Garfield definitely does the trick. What can I say — I’m definitely a child at heart.

When my body is ready to wake, I make my way into the kitchen to put on some tea. I love breakfast, so Sunday mornings usually consist of oatmeal & fruit parfait. Most of my meals are eaten in the living area, however, on Sunday mornings I make it a purpose to sit at the dining table, which is set perfectly in front of the windows to enjoy the morning sun. While I eat, I catch up on my latest Kinfolk magazine.

Head on over to Of Trees and Hues to read the rest of Trina’s story.

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What about you? I’m already looking forward to reading your posts on your perfect slow Sunday morning – be sure to post the link so we can read it!

PS: And if you would like to be a regular part of How We Do and want to plan your post a little bit – in February we’ll be talking about Spring Cleaning!


A huge thanks and shout out to the lovely folks who have already joined in:

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