7 (small) things to make somebody’s day

7 Small Things to make somebody's day Today

Sometimes I feel that in our modern world, small acts of kindness are slowly disappearing. We all just try our best to make our lives the best kind of life possible, without paying attention to others. What’s sad though – kindness mostly doesn’t cost us anything. That’s why, today, I decided to name a few acts of kindness we could all try on our neighbours and friends.

When you’re at the till ask the cashier/barista/taxi driver how their day has been so far.

I often feel we go through life ignoring the people around us. Only saying as much as we need to, avoiding eye contact, sometimes even leaving in our headphones while we pay. Today, why don’t you chat a little, while you’re at the till? It won’t hurt and it might make your day as well!

Surprise your housemate’s with a cup of coffee

And not just a cup of coffee, one with foam, a small biscuit, some latte art (?) and the whole sha-bang. My old housemate did this for me a couple of years ago and I still remember, even though it’s such a tiny thing!

Invite your friends (or family) over for a fancy dinner

Go all out with starter, main course and dessert. If you fancy, you can even print menus and make everyone feel extra-special. Time to test those Pinterest recipes! Bonus: If you love cooking but never have a reason to try something special, now’s your chance.

If somebody does something great or looks fabulous that day: Don’t just think it, tell them

It might sound superficial, but it always makes me smile if people do this. But please: Don’t do it in a creepy way, just be nice ;)

Wash all the dishes.

Not just the one you used.

Write a letter or call someone

It’s a surprise, so you can be sure to make somebody’s day with a letter!

Be generous with your belongings

That sweater your friend really loves and always compliments you on when you’re wearing it? Give it away without asking for money, just like that.

What are your favourite ways to make somebody’s day?


  • Catherine
    September 30, 2014


    YES about washing all the dishes! Best way to cure flatmate wrath – just wash them all and you only feel annoyed for like 2 seconds and then it’s done and everything’s fine again.

    • Hanna
      September 30, 2014


      Yes, that’s it! What is it about washing the dishes that is so annoying? It only takes about 5 minutes :D

  • Melis
    September 30, 2014


    I really love your lists and how they encourage you to be a better person. Not just for yourself but for your environment/people around you. Because no matter how we think that it wouldn’t matter it actually matters, these little things.

    • Hanna
      October 1, 2014


      Oh, this comment made my day today, thank you! :)
      I would love to know if you try any of these things and how people reacted!

      • Melis
        October 2, 2014


        Oh yeah, I usually do some of these without even noticing now. I always smile to cashiers or waitress’ and try to tell something to make them smile. I used to get free Americano’s in my old favourite coffee shop. I wake up early and cook breakfast, wash the dishes from the night before if I’m staying at a friend’s. They always wake up surprised in a good way. I always say when I find someone beautiful and watch how their face lit up. So I think these things make one more not less. Being nice is, well, nice. It’s usually make me feel better too. That’s why I find these posts amazing. They remind me how I actually change things without noticing. So thanks for the posts!

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