Our Perfect Date – Emily & Tommy

Our Perfect Date | Emily & Tommy

Good morning! Today I have the pleasure of welcoming one of my dearest blogging pals, Emily, and her husband Tommy on Hanna’s Places. She’s a highly talented photographer and blogger (I love all her posts on travelling) and also recently opened up her own jewellery shop on Etsy! I can’t wait to snatch up my first piece (I have my eyes on this one).

Anyway, Emily is here today to show us, that the perfect date can be quite simple really. I hope it makes you smile as much as me!

When and why did you fall in love?

If you want the exact answer, we met when he was a freshman and I was a junior in college. We’d both signed up for a 5k marine mud race and carpooled there. He thought I was cute and forgot about me. I thought he was cute and forgot about him.

Fast forward two years.

I was in Texas, he was at home. I spent my Fridays alone in the office and he hadn’t found a job. Someway or another, one of us online-chatted the other and soon our Friday chats became a thing. I returned home for my last semester of college, and I’d like to say he sealed the deal right there and then. But awkward is as awkward does, and we obliviously danced around each other for a few months until one Thursday night, we sat down for coffee . Amidst raised eyebrows and much sipping, he popped the question, “I’m game for it, if you are?” to which I indignantly replied, “Ask me nicer than that, but yes.“

When people ask how we knew he/she was the one, I never know how to answer that. We fell in love immediately. There’s something so special about being with someone who is an answer to prayers you thought God had forgotten about (as if He could). Someone who puts your needs above their own, someone who is literally your missing puzzle piece. Above all though, there’s something so special about choosing to love and be with someone, and choosing to love and be with them every day for the rest of your life.

Our Perfect Date | Emily & Tommy on Hanna's Places

What would the perfect date look like for you?

We would probably recreate our first date. We’d wake up early and head to the farmer’s market. I’d pick out some fresh vegetables to cook for us, he’d pick out a bouquet of wildflowers for me.

We’d head down the street to our favorite brunch joint, Gillie’s. Several cups of coffee and hours of conversation later, we’d head back home. We don’t need much, just give us a cup of coffee and each other, and that would be the perfect date.

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Emily.


  • I love them!! They are the absolute sweetest. PS I just bought I piece from Emily’s jewelry shop & am anxiously awaiting its arrival! Go for it!

    • Hanna
      März 13, 2014

      You’re right!

      So cool, which piece did you get?

  • Danielle
    März 13, 2014

    Emily and Tommy are just darling! I definitely agree with her – the simple dates are the best! One of Stephen and I’s favourite date is grabbing a cup of coffee and going grocery shopping.

    I just bought the Rima bracelet from Emily. I can’t wait for it to get here!

    • Hanna
      März 13, 2014

      So cool that you love to go grocery shopping together! I thought I was the only ‚freak‘ who actually enjoys doing stuff like that ;)
      I love the Rima bracelet as well, I might really have to get one for myself :)

  • tara victoria
    März 13, 2014

    just dying over here, you two are so adorable! i love that „someone who is literally your missing puzzle piece“ i love that you guys found each other <3

    • Hanna
      März 13, 2014

      You’re right – I love that stories like that exist in real life and not just in cheesy rom-coms :)

  • Emily
    März 13, 2014

    Thanks so much for having me, Hanna!!! I loved reminescing about how we met :)

    • Hanna
      März 13, 2014

      I loved having you on the blog :) Hope we can work together again one day soon!

  • Latrina
    März 14, 2014

    Oh my gosh!! Such a surprise seeing Emily over here today. I absolutely loved this, and got chills & warm fuzzies from reading their adorable love story. :) So sweet!! It is just about the most refreshing thing to see two people so madly inlove with one another… and these two are just the cutest. I love it!

    Hanna, keep this series going. I love them!

  • Lucy | We Resolve Blog
    März 17, 2014

    This is RIDICULOUSLY sweet! What a great collaboration! xoxo

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