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I really like lists.

I like reading them, writing them, ticking things off them. To be honest, I even enjoy writing down my grocery list. So of course, I loved the post of lists I read on Leneys blog the other day. She put together a few lists about life right at that moment. I feel these kind of posts are a little like a time capsule. So I decided to do the same and take a look:

What did I believe about myself in June 2015, at almost 22 years old? What was important to me, what wasn’t? Here goes:

Talents I Want To Acquire

Making really great coffee at home

Surfing and/or longboarding

Making my own clothes

Concentrating on my work and not getting distracted all of the time

Remembering to take pictures in great places

Answering messages in a timely manner

Talents I Have Acquired

Not looking at my phone when in company

Drinking enough water

Making really good pancakes

Talking to people I don’t know and actually getting to know them

Saying yes to new things (without unnecessarily worrying about everything)

Stuff I Don’t Understand

People who are negative all of the time

Liking Bruno Mars

Not liking to read



Things I Want To Make More Time For

Reading my Bible every morning

Reading in general

Learning new skills (listed above)


Sending messages/phoning the people I care about

Volunteering for some kind of good cause

These lists are subject to change. I wonder how they might look like in a few years. What will change, what will stay the same? Maybe I should write them down again in five years, or even ten. Even blogging and this space is even still a thing in ten years. A little bit like the Now & Then post, don’t you think?

There are still so many lists that are interesting – but that I probably won’t publish on the internet. Some examples:

My ten favourite songs

Also: My favourite books

Things that make me feel alive

Also: Things that make me feel afraid or hurt

Things that scare me (both in a good AND in a bad way)

People I would like to get to know better

Missed opportunities I regret

Brave chances I took

I don’t really know why I am in such a reflective mood at the moment. It’s fun, but it also makes me sad. Maybe that belongs on some kind of list as well? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Image via Stocksnap.


  • Laila
    July 15, 2015


    Really interesting post to read, I’m also a lover of list and you inspired to make some post about lists on my blog!


    • Hanna
      July 18, 2015


      So cool!

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