Inspired by Leney (and also because I really like lists).

Talents I Want To Acquire

Making really great coffee at home

Surfing and/or longboarding

Making my own clothes

Concentrating on my work and not getting distracted all of the time

Remembering to take pictures in great places

Answering messages in a timely manner


Talents I Have Acquired

Not looking at my phone when in company

Drinking enough water

Making really good pancakes

Talking to people I don’t know and actually getting to know them

Saying yes to new things (without unnecessarily worrying about everything)


Stuff I Don’t Understand

People who are negative all of the time

Liking Bruno Mars

Not liking to read




Things I Want To Make More Time For

Reading my Bible every morning

Reading in general

Learning new skills (listed above)


Sending messages/phoning the people I care about

Volunteering for some kind of good cause


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