Weekend Conversations Vol. 2


Happy Friday everybody! Can you believe that another week flew by already? Probably a sentence I will repeat every week in these posts, but it’s true: time is RUNNING at the moment. It’s all good though, life is fun! This weekend there are two birthday parties I’m looking forward to, frozen yoghurt is waiting this afternoon and I’m going to visit a friend in Cologne in her new flat for the first time for a sleep-over (and breakfast deluxe!). Fun times – what about you? Here’s this week’s conversation topic (and question to dream about, because who doesn’t like to explore?):

What would you like to explore next?

You all probably know that I’ve got the travel itch – badly. I could spend my life just traveling the world, meeting new friends, tasting great foreign food, seeing places I only know from the movies, growing and learning. I’m going on a week-long road trip in only a few weeks (actually camping!), which I’m really excited about. But still, I’m itching to get further away though: Chile and Peru are the places that I can’t wait to see at the moment! I’ve only heard great stories about those countries (Argentina as well), so a South America round-trip would be a total dream (maybe even in an old orange VW as pictured above). Did anyone of you go yet? Any tips?

What about you? Where do you want to go next?

Picture via Death to the Stockphoto.


  • Bettina
    May 30, 2015


    Papua New Guinea, visiting friends who live there and work for MAF.

    • Hanna
      May 30, 2015


      Oh, I’m so jealous! When? And what’s MAF – a missions organisation? :)

  • Nina
    June 1, 2015


    I LOVE traveling! Thanks to my mom who had me visiting many European cities when I was a teenager! Among the countries I really really want to visit are Iceland, Japan, and Ireland. Sometimes I also think about South Asia and US, but at the moment I’m also very much inclined to Greece. But neither of those will happen this year, instead I’m going to Ecuador later in October and I’m pretty much excited about this!

    • Hanna
      June 1, 2015


      Haha, I would say yes to ALL the places you mentioned there (and just spend life traveling ;). How long are you going to Ecuador? That sounds so exciting and great as well!

      • Nina
        June 16, 2015


        We’re going there for two weeks. It’s an organised trip with a travel agency, which I’ve never done before, but the program doesn’t seems too packed and we get to sleep at locals’ for one or two night! I’m really excited about it!

        • Hanna
          June 19, 2015


          Sounds amazing – can’t wait to read all about it afterwards :)

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