What is your favourite way to spend Friday night?


Hi guys – how have you all been? I have just returned from my little roadtrip yesterday and it was an all around perfect adventure. I will probably talk way more about it soon in a couple of posts (in the meantime you can check out a few of my instagram snaps), but today it’s time for another weekend conversation first. So here goes:

What is your favourite thing to do on a Friday night?

For me, even though I’m only 21, it’s definitely not going clubbing all night. Instead, I just love to meet up with a couple of good friends. Check out a new restaurant or create a nice homecooked meal, go to our favourite bar, chat, laugh, catch up and unwind from the week that has just passed. Enjoy a little bit of wine and just enjoy the company of those closest to me. Simply perfection!

What about you? And what are you up to this Friday night? I’m meeting a few of my friends for a little street festival in our town called Mittsommar Unterbilk and it sounds like a lot of fun. All the pretty little shops and cafés will be open till midnight, there’s live music and my favourite frozen yoghurt shop is open as well! I can’t wait!

Picture by Helena La Petite.


  • Catherine Sprunt
    June 19, 2015


    If I’m going out I like to do it on a Friday straight from work so I can chill all day Saturday BUT tonight I’m excited to go home, get a takeaway and CHIIIILLL!

    Have fun at the festival!

    • Hanna
      June 22, 2015


      That sounds like a good Friday night as well (and is what I ended up doing on saturday ;)

  • Nina
    June 29, 2015


    Fridays are for sleeping! I wish I could say that I go wild on Fridays nights, but now that I have a job, Fridays nights are the hardest, at least at the moment since my work drives me crazy! But from time to time, I like going to the bar with friends, or in a game cafe. Sometimes, I also plan my weekend with my bf, or I sew while he is at his rugby training. But I’m not fond of clubbing either, and I’ve never been!

    • Hanna
      June 29, 2015


      Sounds like a good weekend to me! And I hope your work will run smoother soon – what’s going on there?

      • Nina
        July 7, 2015


        Just the “too much stuff to do in too little time” thing… But I asked a colleague for help and together we managed things out and the projet will be handed down in time! I really have to remember that asking for help is totally OK when you need it!

        • Hanna
          July 7, 2015


          That’s true – hope the last two weeks were a little better!

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