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This week felt like Spring, don’t you think? It was almost warm enough to leave my jacket at home, though I wouldn’t dare yet. I arrived back home in Germany on Wednesday (I spend a long weekend in London) and have spend the past two days back home in Bonn. Today I’m getting some admin stuff done, tomorrow is full and lovely with breakfast with my old flat mate, a city tour and a birthday party and on Sunday I’m visiting a new church in Bonn for the first time!

Links & Memories of the week

1 | Coming home from London I feel so incredibly relaxed and inspired – ready to start new projects or rather get back into those I have already started. I have so many new ideas and feel quite happy – now I just need to keep this feeling going for some time. Any tips on that?

2 | On that note, I’m finally getting back into Instagram and really love it right now! It’s such a great plattform, way too often I’m just afraid that what I’m sharing isn’t pretty or professional enough. Screw that for now, I’m having fun posting! Feel free to follow along if you want to (and please share your account as well!).

3 | I’ve just tried a salad bowl for lunch and it was super yum! Do any of you guys have a favourite recipe?

4 | I’ve been wearing the same Spring coat for ages now (I was definitely still in school back then) and I really want to get a new one. This coat from Armed Angels is super pretty.

5 | A really great read: 5 Things Every Millennial Woman Wants (and how to get them). And yes, this is (slightly) different than all those other articles with a similar title!

6 | Soko makes beautiful jewellery and they empower women too. Can my bank account please magically fill up with money to get all the pretty things?

7 | I bought a succulent in Kew Gardens last week (my first house plant in ages) and now I’m scared that I’ll kill it by next week since I’m so bad with plants. Here’s a great little guide that I’ll try to follow though, for all fellow black thumb gals out there.

8 | And last but not least: it’s Earth Day today! This is a blog that’s about living more green, so I won’t have to mention that it’s important to me, so feel free to get inspired in the archives to live a little more green!

Hope you guys all have a great weekend! I will take it slow tonight (just some Netflix and me) to get ready for a few stressfull weeks ahead. What about you?


  • Jes
    April 22, 2016


    I sort of wish it was Spring here too where I lived, but at the moment, I am enjoying Autumn. :)

    Instagram is pretty great I think!!

    • Hanna
      April 22, 2016


      Autumn is my favourite season, so I totally get that ;)

      Thank you!

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