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Happy weekend friends! We’ve got a public holiday in Germany tomorrow, so there’s one more day left to get stuff done and relax. My family is coming over later for some apple strudel (the weather feels like autumn anyway ;). Here’s what’s been happening this week:

Links & Memories

1 | I’ve started selling clothes on Kleiderkreisel! I’m trying to get rid of all the stuff I’m not wearing at the moment (and make some extra cash along the way) and there’s a few nice pieces that are only collecting dust in my closet. I’ll probably add way more over the next couple of weeks, so happy shopping!

2 | Despite the rain today, last week we had amazing summer weather so I got to go to work by bike each day. I’m so looking forward to the season of bare legs, ice cream and long summer nights again!

3 | We went for an amazing hike through Lambertztal yesterday – sometimes all you need to clear your head is some nature, exercise and a backpack filled with good snacks ;)

4 | I’ve been way too tired to cook properly lately (working full-time definitely needs some getting used to), so pesto mixed with asparagus, courgette and eggs has been my life-saving dinner (so I don’t eat bread three times a day, everyday). Also: Kidney beans with broccoli, cashews and tahini – tastes better than it sounds!

5 | My new flat is still not even close to being finished, so I’m still on the look-out for interior inspiration: this bedroom is absolutely gorgeous in my opinion.

6 | Can’t wait to try cereal popsicles this summer!

7 | And finally – speaking of summer: I’m thinking of buying a swimsuit (instead of a bikini) this year – any (eco-friendly) tips?




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