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Happy weekend – and also happy July (only one more week till my birthday)! I haven’t been online a lot lately, but the past few weeks have definitely been great! Here’s what’s been going on:

Links & Memories

1 | Last weekend my parents came over for a visit. The weather was really bad and felt like autumn almost, but we had a great time with long breakfasts, pizza and a loong museum trip. It was so nice having people around at home and felt really cosy and lovely.

2 | Work is going great at the moment as well. It’s still quite stressful, but I feel like I’m getting the hang of it and actually know what I’m doing (from time to time ;)

3 | I’ve started going to my city’s free outdoor gym this week as well. All summer long you can go to free daily workouts in the park or by the river that are a lot of fun (and did I mention free?). I went three times this week and really hope the weather will stay nice for next week!

4 | Tonight a few of my friends from my old town are coming over for cheese and cocktails and I can’t wait to hang out again, chat and show them where I live! Good times ahead :)

5 | Tomorrow (if the weather stays dry) I’m going hiking with another friend I haven’t seen in ages – also really excited about that. Now that I’ve finished my thesis I’m actually excited about weekends again!

6 | I discovered a really great podcast this week called Love Food. If you’re fed up with diets, and ‘clean eating’ and all that kind of stuff you should definitely check it out – it’s a love letter to food and such a big help if you want to stop controlling what you put into your body.

7 | Another great article I read this week on Refinery 29 on how much your jeans should actually cost: If Your Jeans Are Cheaper Than This, You’ve Got A Problem.

8 | I booked a trip to Amsterdam this week (with two of my friends) in August. It’s only for a weekend but I’m really excited about going again – any tips, please?

I hope you are all having a great (and somewho summery) weekend. What are you guys up to?


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