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week-that-was-27A short and sweet weekend post from me today! This has been a good week: I handed in my thesis yesterday, the weather was finally nice for a whole week and it’s my birthday tomorrow. I’m on my way home to my parents right now so the birthday celebrations can begin. I’m taking it very slow this year: The day starts with a long breakfast in the morning, before going for a pedicure and relaxing. In the afternoon, I’m going for a hike with my family and then we’re having burgers and beer in the evening! Very chill but exactly what I want and need. I’m celebrating with friends later on and already have plans for that to. Live is good :)

Links & Memories

1 | Last Saturday, I went for a long hike (we were out all day!) with a good friend from Düsseldorf. We talked a lot about so many important and not so important topics. It felt so good to talk and move and enjoy the sun – the perfect day. Can’t wait to get out again soon!

2 | Sunday was great and relaxing as well, can life just stay like this? Leisurely days of drinking coffee, reading, going for a run, meeting friends, I love it!

3 | We had a workshop on project management at work this week which was very interesting but also so complex! Which resulted in me just getting home and being ready for bed (or a couple of Good Wife episodes and then bed). I really hope to be able to use some of my new knowledge soon!

4 | I finally found a great (simply black) bathing suit this week – can’t wait to hit the beach now next week!

5 | Yesterday, I tried making my own tortilla wraps (instead of just buying them at the store). They were tiny so filling them was hard, but so yum! I’ll definitely try again. I would definitely recommend making your own as well, because it makes having burritos so much easier. It’s a great food for Sunday night: All you need is flour, water, salt and oil – and your filling of course.

And that’s it! I hope you have a great weekend!


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