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Hello November

Happy November! This is a cliché thing to say, but can you believe October is over already? The last few weeks went by SO quickly and I guess it will be Christmas time in a heartbeat. Autumn is still in full swing over here and it’s simply beautiful: Sunshiny days and golden leaves everywhere. What about you?

Links & Memories

1. Today has been a public holiday in Germany and I took yesterday off, so I’ve had a glorious long weekend back home. As I said the weather is beautiful at the moment, so we went for a long hike on Sunday and for short evening walks every other day.

2. The first Gilmore Girls trailer has been released last week and now I really can’t wait. What about you?

3. I was sick for a few days last week (boo) and started watching Full House again – I used to watch it as a kid and it’s still fun! Has anybody watched it lately? And do you have thoughts on Fuller House?

4. On Saturday we went for a few drinks out withnold friends from school. We went to our favourite pub in my hometown – it was so much fun and really felt like old times again.

5. Yesterday was a fun and relaxed couch day for me and I discovered Katy’s blog. Give it a read if you’re in for some nice lifestyle posts!

I really hope this nice autumn weather’s going to continue for a couple more days – I’m really in the swing of autumn right now, eating pumpkins and drinking cider. Hope you have a great autumn week too!


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