Links & Memories 18/52

The streets of Bonn

Happy Friday! And it’s a very happy Friday indeed because the sun is shining (we spend our lunch break outside), birds are chirping and spring is finally here! Tonight we are going to barbecue for the first time this year (with veggie fritters for me ;), can’t wait. I’m at a uni seminar both Saturday and Sunday which is a bit sad since it’s supposed to be beautiful outside all weekend, but I’ll try to fit in a little ice cream date and walk by the Rhine anyway. Here’s what’s been happening this week:

Links & Memories

1 | The first week at my new job is officially over! It’s great and so much fun to start working full time and being part of real projects and all those little things. I actually wasn’t that nervous since I’ve been working at the company for two years already, but it’s still a nice little shift.

2 | I also started running again this week, yay! I signed up for a half marathon in October (still time to get some training done) and I’d really like to make it in 2 hours. We’ll see how that goes! I found a really great new running track (along the Rhine) as well, so there’s a good place to practice. Any tips by other runners out there?

3 | On Wednesday I watched “La Delicatesse” for the first time, a romantic French movie starring Audrey Tatou. It’s a little quirky, a little sad, really sweet, the perfect movie for a relaxed evening at home (it’s on Netflix) if you’re looking for something to watch.

4 | I also finally got a few more tasks around my apartment done (lamp and curtains in the living room are up!) – My flat is at that ‘dangerous’ stage now where it’s definitely not finished yet, but it’s okay to live in. You know, the stage, where it might possibly just stay like that till you move out if you’re not careful? I hope I can get a few more projects done in May and save some money for new furniture, so it’s pretty by summer :)

5 | So good and important (!): Can we please stop jokingly putting ourselves down in conversations? Personally, I am SO fed up with all those diet/’I need to lose weight’/’I really shouldn’t eat this’ conversations – is there any way to make them stop, please?

6 | And last but not least some fashion food for thought as well: The Problem with Capsule Wardrobes


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