All the books I’ve read in May 2016

May Book Log

The weather truly feels like autumn at the moment, right? Definitely appropriate to get some reading done…

May Reading

Through the Looking Glass | After reading ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ in April, I’ve finished the sequel ‘Through the looking glass’ at the beginning of May. To be honest, I enjoyed the first part way more, ‘Through the looking glass’ was a quick read but not really all that interesting. Okay, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re not a serious Alice fan.

The Problem of Pain | This is another book that I’ve been ‘reading’ for over a year now. It deals with the (really big) question why God allows so much pain to happen in this world. It’s really interesting and I’ve learned quite a bit, but it is really theoretical as well – not really a beach read. If you’re up for some food for thought, this one is for you though.

The Miniaturist | I honestly don’t know why this book has gotten such great reviews. I finished reading it (because I usually do), but the ending is definitely not satisfying, the story feels staged and unrealistic, I just didn’t like it. It might be because I don’t enjoy historical fiction (I picked it up because of said great reviews), but I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody.

Men Explain Things to Me | I was hesitant in starting this book because I didn’t want to start some men-hating feminist book, but I actually really enjoyed it! It’s funny and wise and doesn’t lump together every man in the same category. It’s an easy read and makes you think – I liked it!

The Colour Purple |This story is a classic with good reason. It starts out quite gloomy but seeing how the main character Celie frees herself from oppression and finds her own way is wonderful to read.

Mr Rosenblum’s List | That’s such a cute book! It’s very slow in the middle, but you need to push through because it gets great at the ending again!




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