5 reasons train travel is better

5 reasons train travel is great

I’m going to London today! Oh happy day :) And for the first time ever, I’ve decided not to hop on a plane, but go by train (I’m actually on that train right now). If you’re wondering why, here’s five reasons why traveling by train is so much more enjoyable:

Train travel is better for the environment


It’s faster and cheaper

At least, if you’re traveling shorter distances. Of course, if you compare it to flying, the actual flight might be shorter, but getting to the airport, arriving early, getting away from the airport into the city is a much bigger hassle. For example, I’ll arrive at St. Pancras today and don’t have to spend money and 1-2 hours to get from Stansted to the city. So good!

Take everything you want

With train travel, you can take as much stuff as you want to (and as you’re able to carry). There’s no regulations, no forbidden goods, no need for tiny shampoo bottles – if you can carry your suitcase, you can take it (and don’t have to worry about the weight of your souvenirs).


You can bring snacks, drinks and coffee! No need to get dehydrated or spend 10 € on a bottle of water – bring your own drink, get cosy with a few nice travel snacks and a warm cup of coffee and enjoy the ride! My favourites: A nice pastry, a sandwich and maybe some nuts – filling, yummy and easy to eat :)

Last but not least: It’s great to work

In my opinion, the atmosphere on the train is just perfect to get some work done. Just get a seat with a table and write down your thoughts, plan exciting projects – something about the train travel makes working real fun in my opinion and I always get really inspired.

What about you? Have you ever traveled long distance by train? What’s your favourite mode of transportation on holiday?



  • Eline
    April 14, 2016


    I love traveling by train. I went inter railing this summer and found the best thing was that I could see the scenery pass by while sitting somewhere comfortable. Though that was not particularly the case in Italy. It’s not ideal to sit in a full carriage with no air-conditioning while it’s 40 degrees outside. I also love how local it is. You really get a sniff of local culture around trains.

    • Hanna
      April 15, 2016


      That sounds so great! The inter railing part at least ;) i didn’t know italian trains were so bad, but thanks for the info!

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