The 2017 Fair Fashion Guide (+ Interview!)

Fair Fashion Guide 2017

Fair Fashion is more than just printed t-shirts and old-fashioned, ‘green’ clothing. Last week I told you how and why I got started with fair fashion. I’m happy about my journey, but I also wish I had had more resources along the way. Gladly, more and more blogs and magazines are popping up lately – a development I’m really happy about. One of them is the new Fair Fashion Guide by FEMNET. It puts together (almost) everything you need to know about the fair fashion world and it’s also really pretty to look at – so many great pictures.

The other day, I had the chance to chat with Anna Neumann (Projektreferentin Bildungsarbeit an Hochschulen) from FEMNET. She told me all about the new fair fashion guide and why it’s actually easy to get started with fair fashion. Enjoy reading!

Tell me about the new Fair Fashion Guide!

Our new Fair Fashion Guide shows how diverse and stylish fair fashion actually is. We’ve noticed time and time again, that people are actually very interested in sustainable production. They just don’t know how to get started. Our guide helps them find their way around the fair fashion world.

Furthermore, the fair fashion guide helps people who want to consume more consciously. People who want to buy less and take better care of the pieces they already own. They hopefully get some valuable tips. We really hope the guide helps people to value their clothing again. The production of new clothes wastes both natural resources and energy. As soon as we realize this, fair fashion becomes more than just a great idea – it becomes the only choice we have.

What recent event has especially startled you?

I’ve been concerned about the injustices of our economic system for some time now. How is it possible that people are hungry all the time even though they work day in and day out? How is it possible that both so much poverty and so much wealth exist all over the world? Why do we treat the resources of our planet as if there’s a second one in our basement – not even caring about the masses of rubbish we’re producing? So many questions.

Recently, I’ve really been stirred up by the arrest and the layoffs of trade unionists in Bangladesh. How is it possible people get arrested because they are fighting for their basic human rights? This shouldn’t be possible. They are out of prison again, but their wages are still incredibly low.

How can I start my journey with fair fashion?

An easy step is to ask yourself: Do I really need this new piece of clothing? Do I have to buy it or am I happy with the pieces I already own? This is both cheap and effective if you’re concerned with fair clothing. What’s more, it also helps the environment – another important aspect of fair fashion. And of course: Get the Fair Fashion Guide and start reading ;)

What can we do to support your work?

The fashion industry, as it is today, is incredibly flawed. Many consumers probably already know that at least since the disaster at Rana Plaza where more than 1.100 people died. FEMNET has been concerned about the working conditions in the clothing industry for over 10 years now. Our aim is to work on different levels. One part is political lobby work to put pressure on big companies.

You as consumers can support this work by connecting with FEMNET or the Clean Clothes Campaign. Sign petitions, join the movement, every little counts. And if you consume more consciously, you support the movement as well because you show that you want proper products. The companies react to the demand out there. That’s why this has a lot of potential.

If you’re interested in the fair fashion guide now, you can read it on the FEMNET site for free. Enjoy reading!

Picture Credit: FEMNET/Axl Jansen.


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