My favourite podcasts to learn new things

New podcasts worth listening to

Do you love podcasts as well?
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5 books on society I’ve read this summer

5 books about society for your reading list

With all that is happening in the world lately, I have decided to read up.
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10 novels that will change your perspective

10 books to read to change your perspective on the world
If you’ve been reading this blog for a while (or if you’re following me over on Instagram) you probably know that one of my biggest hobbies is to read.
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Fighting loneliness with Rootless Garden

An interview with Rootless Garden

Let me introduce you guys to yet another new column on this blog.
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Community in Modern Times – Canvas Cafe

How to bi

Today I’m happy to introduce you to Ruth, founder of The Canvas Café.
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Why You Should Try Suspended Coffee

Have you guys heard of suspended coffee? Such a cool concept!

Have you guys ever heard of suspended coffee?
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A Bright Idea – Cruelty Free Against Animal Testing

Why don't you sign a petition this week and help banning animal testing?

After many of you supported the first petition I shared with you a few weeks ago, I thought, why not post another one?
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Make Nutella Fair Trade!

Make Nutella Fair Trade!

When trying to make a change, there’s nothing easier than signing a petition.
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