Say #bybyefastfashion with JAN ’N JUNE

JAN ’N JUNE founders Anna and Jula

#byebyefastfashion – that’s the motto of fair fashion label JAN ’N JUNE. Since 2014 Anna and Jula, the founders of JAN ’N JUNE, have been selling sustainable fashion that’s fun to wear, great in price and very stylish. And they show: Sustainability doesn’t actually have to be difficult.

Where do you put the line between slow and fast fashion?

Anna: For us, slow fashion is a big part of sustainable fashion. If you want to separate fast from slow fashion, you need to look at the way you’re consuming. Fast fashion means binge shopping. It’s cheap, so you buy more clothes than you could ever wear. Items you don’t even like. You think: „Oh, it’s just two bucks, let’s just get this one as well“. Slow fashion means the opposite. It means: Buy items that have the potential to become favourites, that go with everything, that you really really love. Shop more consciously!

Jula: Consider: Does this item mean something to me, am I actually going to wear it? There’s a huge gap between thinking a piece of clothing is cool and finding something that actually suits you and fits your style. And of course sustainability plays a big role: How long is this new item going to last? How friendly is the manufacturing process — to the earth, nature and the people?
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Just do it! An interview with LJ Originals

Interview with LJ Originals | Hanna's Places

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Lisa, the creator behind jewellery brand LJ Originals. She is a great friend of mine, really creative and her jewellery (and the idea behind it) is just stunning. She took the leap and followed her dream and founded her own brand last year. Now she’s telling us more about it and her beautiful vision about it:

What was your vision behind founding LJ Originals?

My vision behind founding LJ was to create a brand that utilised my skills as a jeweller as a platform I could use to share a culture of value and worth. I heard once that a girl is told 268 times before she is 12 that she is not good enough and, while the accuracy of that statistic could be debated, it sparked something in me to do whatever I could to make the statistic as small as possible. Every person is valuable and I may not be the biggest voice but I have a responsibility to at least be a voice against the other noise that women hear berating them every day.
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Fighting loneliness with Rootless Garden

An interview with Rootless Garden

Let me introduce you guys to yet another new column on this blog. I’m going to be interviewing young social entrepreneurs in their 20s. They had an awesome idea to change the world and actually made it work! First up: Indie from Rootless Garden, an awesome initiative for older people.

What was your vision behind founding Rootless Garden?

Our vision is that no older person suffers from being lonely.

My business partner and I started Rootless Garden because of our experience of working in elderly care. We found that many older people were lonely. But, we also found was that those who were a part of a friendship group, a club, or a part of something were happiest. What struck us the most however, was that older people who had regular contact with the outside world, plants, flowers, even indoor plants were so much happier and healthier than those who didn’t.

We started to investigate, and it turns out that there is an entire school of thought based around nature therapy and the wonderful effects that being in contact with nature can have on a person – young and old alike. Nature is so present, but we ignore it, and like loneliness it affects us all beyond what we consciously recognize.

So we thought, why not use nature to fight loneliness amongst older people. And there we have it, Rootless Garden.
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Community in Modern Times – Canvas Cafe

How to bi

Today I’m happy to introduce you to Ruth, founder of The Canvas Café. It’s a creative venue and coffee shop in Shoreditch and London’s first ‚Happiness Café‘. You can draw on the walls and share your ideas with everyone else visiting, join in for lunchtime yoga or choir fun, discuss TED talks together – it’s pretty much the best thing ever.

I had the pleasure of asking Ruth a few questions this week. She tells us how she started the Canvas Café and what struggles she had along the way. Is it possible to build community in modern society?
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Mary and Allie from Considering You on Healthy Living

Hey there! Today’s post is one I’ve been really looking forward to publishing for some time now. I don’t know if you have heard about it yet, but a few month ago the two friends and health enthusiasts Allie Lehman and Mary Trenda have started a blog called Considering You. In my opinion it is one of the best and most informative blogs on whole foods, diet (in an ‚eat good stuff‘ and not ‚lose weight‘ way) and health topics in general out there. That’s why I am so happy that they agreed to answer a few of my questions and do this little interview. Enjoy reading it below.

Mary looking at spices

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