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Today I want share with you a shopping trick my friend Dominika told me about recently: Shopping for three seasons. I really love it and hope you do too! It’s actually the easiest concept: When you buy something new, consider if you would be able to wear it for at least three seasons of the year. This might actually be a concept our moms and grandmas would love as well, ha!

Why shopping for three seasons helps while shopping

I used to hardly ever think about the season when I was at the store. Now that I do though, I’ve already noticed a difference about which items I actually end up buying. For example, I don’t buy flimsy summer dresses anymore, because they only look good on the hottest days of the year, not with a cardigan for example. In Germany, there are about 5 really hot days each year – definitely not three whole seasons. On my journey of buying only fair fashion pieces that I actually love wearing, this is super helpful. This means there are no more pieces collecting dust in the back of my closet.

Some examples

+ Tops, t-shirts and blouses: Would they look good under a cardigan? And also: Would you be able to wear them without a cardigan?

+ Shorts, skirts: Do they look good with and without tights?

+ Shoes: What do they look like with and without socks? Would they look great with shorts and with trousers?

Of course, these are just some guidelines. You can still buy a really warm winter jacket or flip-flops for summer. I just think that you will end up much happier with your closet, if you can actually wear most of it all year round.

If you’re going to try shopping for three seasons, please let me know! I would love to know how it works out for you.


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