The Little Things – The First Strawberries of the Year

I’ve got exciting news: Starting this week Helena (remember her from this post?) is going to share a regular column! I’m so glad to be working together and excited for what’s to come! Isn’t working together with other creatives about the best thing about blogging? Here goes…


I’m excited to be part of Hanna’s new column Appreciate It where I’ll be sharing some of the nice little things in life that make it more enjoyable – without having to spend a whole bunch of money.

Let’s start with something that made me very happy a while ago –the first strawberries I’ve had this year. I love strawberries, they’re one of my favourite fruits.


I remember this day so well because I was back home then, and my mum took a day off to spend it with me (before I was going back to London again). She went and got fresh buns, croissants and strawberries for breakfast, and we sat and ate and talked for ages – breakfast/brunch is definitely my favourite meal of the day.

Overall the day felt very much like spring, and really made me appreciate the simple things in life. That’s what this column is all about – realising what makes a day special, appreciating it, and being inspired by what makes other people’s day enjoyable. So please leave a comment and share with us what makes your day special. We’d love to hear! :)

My name is Helena , I’m a photographer based in London. On my blog I share photography advice and tips, in a non-technical way that’s easy to understand. I want to encourage you to pick up your camera, and enable you to feel confident when taking pictures. 



  • Emmali
    Mai 15, 2013

    Having time for a little reading and a nice brunch in the morning just makes my day:)

    • Helena
      Mai 20, 2013

      Thanks for reading & sharing, Emmali. Brunch is soo good, definitely! :)

  • Leigh
    Mai 15, 2013

    I love strawberries! My favorite thing right now though has to be mangos. Oh they are so ripe and so good and usually on sale right now too! They can’t sell them fast enough before they get too ripe!

    • hanna
      Mai 15, 2013

      Yes you are right, mangos! Sadly where I come from there are not on sale (at all) and not very ripe as well, but I would love to eat one again!

  • Victoria
    Mai 16, 2013

    Oh, I’m loving this Hanna + Helena collaborations! Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits too! They are so delicious. I love your pretty photos also.

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