My Spring Bucket List for 2014

My Spring Bucket List on Hanna's Places

Spring is already a week old, so I think it’s time to write down (and share ;) a few of my goals for this season. I can’t believe it’s April so very soon, so I’m determined not to let the year slip away but make the most of the season ahead.

My Spring Bucket List

+ Spring Clean and throw away everything I don’t need.

+ Continue going jogging regularly (try a 10k!)

+ Cut out white bread from my diet. Bake whole-wheat bread instead.

+ Go strawberry picking (after saying I want to for at least two years).

+ Go on a road trip with my friends.

+ Spend some time outside everyday.

+ Take more everyday photos.

+ Try a new coffee shop/café.

+ Cut out the negative self talk and just enjoy life.

+ See the Karl Lagerfeld exhibition that’s at the museum at the moment.

+ Write some snail mail to good friends.

+ Plant some herbs in our kitchen.

+ Wear lipstick more often.

What have you planned for the season ahead?

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