10 Things to Make Someone’s Day – in 1 Hour


Bake a cake and bring it to your friends or colleagues.

It’s okay if it’s from a box, I won’t tell ;) All that counts is the right heart behind it.

Meet over coffee

Listen and take your time with your friends. Make it a serious intention that the meet-up is not about you, but them.
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Community in Modern Times – Canvas Cafe

How to bi

Today I’m happy to introduce you to Ruth, founder of The Canvas Café. It’s a creative venue and coffee shop in Shoreditch and London’s first ‘Happiness Café’. You can draw on the walls and share your ideas with everyone else visiting, join in for lunchtime yoga or choir fun, discuss TED talks together – it’s pretty much the best thing ever.

I had the pleasure of asking Ruth a few questions this week. She tells us how she started the Canvas Café and what struggles she had along the way. Is it possible to build community in modern society?
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Everlasting Apparel – Rachel Banek

Rachel Banek for Everlasting Apparel Rachel Banek for Everlasting Apparel

Happy Monday guys! I told you last week that I wanted to bring Everlasting Apparel back to life, and today it’s happening! The first girl featured is Rachel Banek in an outfit that I would wear over and over as well. She’s just come back from a six months Discipleship Training with YWAM in Maui and Bangladesh (such a dream), is a truly talented photographer and blogs over on Dawn to Dusk. I’ve been reading her blog for quite a while now and can’t wait to see where she is going with it and her talents in the future!

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What’s coming next…

What's next on the blog?

Hey there! My time in the UK is slowly coming to an end and I’m back home in Germany in less than a week already (how did that happen?). Apart from meeting new and incredible friends, being able to work at one of my favourite companies and living in the city of my dreams for a short while, I’ve also had the pleasure of hanging out and learning from some really great and creative people. From chats on blogs and great ideas over endless cups of coffee to actual workshops and seminars, London has been one big place of inspiration for me.

All this has definitely given me a push to give this little place a little bit more love. So, without further ado, these are my plans:

Everlasting Apparel

Looking through my archives, I don’t really know why I even stopped these posts because I really loved them! We had a photo-shoot with Helena this weekend (there might or might not be a post with me in it, waah) and I can’t wait to get back into it!


I’m really looking forward to posting interviews with social startups at the moment. I’ve come across somany great initiatives and charities started by people my age and I can’t wait to share them and get to know more about them in the process! Stay tuned.
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