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Happy weekend folks! Another week is over and it’s almost June, how did that happen? I’m back in Düsseldorf for the weekend for a seminar at university and pizza night with my old flatmate (of course!) and can’t wait to catch up with her. Here’s what else has happened and caught my eye lately…

Links & Memories

1 | First of all, working full-time is hard! This might sound naïve, but I was still surprised by how little free time you have and how tired you actually are in the evening. I already had more nights when I just crashed in front of the TV instead of doing something fun or productive which didn’t even leave me more energized the next day. Any tips from fellow full-time workers?

2 | I did go out this week though – my colleagues and I headed to a great pub just around the corner from my house (where I can imagine spending a few nice summer nights!). It’s so much fun getting to know your area and this new city I live in and I can’t wait to go out more!

3 | On my TV nights I also started watching the Good Wife again and it’s so much fun. I’ve struggled to find a great and interesting TV show for some time now (if you can call that a ‘struggle’) and this one is really good. Recommended!

4 | I’m following about half of these already and I’m working on the rest: 15 Beauty Rituals to make part of your daily routine.

5 | Something that I should definitely make a bigger part of my routine (because I don’t do it at all ;): Lessons on caring for your jewellery.

That’s it for now – happy (and hopefully relaxing) weekend folks!

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  • Sophie
    May 20, 2016


    Thank you so much for sharing a link to my blog! :))

    • Hanna
      May 22, 2016


      You’re welcome! I loved the post :)

  • Lulu
    May 22, 2016


    Working full-time is hard! If I have any advice it would be that you *do* get used to it. I found it such a huge shock to the system (likewise, the tiredness) and hadn’t expected that. But after 6 months or so I realised it had definitely got easier :) exercise and planning fun stuff on weekends helps!

    Always enjoy your end-of-week posts :)

    Lulu x

    • Hanna
      May 22, 2016


      Thank you! And thanks for the advice – I always get so impatient when it comes to getting used to changing circumstances, but it’s good to hear that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel :)

      Hanna x

  • Abigail
    June 12, 2016


    I found the first couple of months of full-time work reall hard – I’d get in and fall asleep on the sofa around 8/9pm, completely exhausted! But it does wear off and your system gets used to it, so don’t worry! I’d just try and be kind to yourself while you’re settling in, use your free time wisely (e.g. focus on relaxing), make sure you’re getting plenty of vitamins/eating well and your system will adjust :-)

    • Hanna
      June 14, 2016


      Thank you, that sounds good! I’m kinda struggling with the eating well thing, but trying my best ;)

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