Links & Memories: Life is good!

Links & Memories: Life is good!Happy Sunday friends. Life is GOOD at the moment. Busy, of course, but filled with lots of fun, opportunities, and great people. This weekend was relaxed and slow and definitely what I needed to get ready for next week.

Links of the week

1. Spread a little kindness.

2. 10 Things to do before the year ends.

3. How much do our faces change during the day? Fascinating!

4. Recognition.

5. I got back into Instagram (thanks to the lovely Sara Tasker). Follow along!

Memories of the week: Life is good!

1. Yesterday, I went to see the new Woody Allen film, Café Society. It was fun and a nice evening, but definitely not one of his best movies.

2. On Thursday, I went to Cologne to see Patrick Salmen live. If you don’t know him, he’s a German poetry slammer and SO funny. We laughed till we were crying and had the most amazing time.

3. On Tuesday, I met up with an old friend I hadn’t seen in more than two years. We got pizza and talked for hours, it was a great time.

4. I’ve got into the habit of getting up extra-early every morning (5.30 am). Still working on it.

5. Autumn is almost over and Christmas is coming so I’ve started listening to Christmas songs on Spotify. Time to get in the holiday mood!

New habits for next week

1. With less and less time for exercise, I want to start making healthy choices in the little things. So I’m planning on going for a short evening walk after dinner (to get away from my dessert cravings as well!)

2. This isn’t very #healthyliving, but way too often I feel sick in the evening because I eat all kinds of sweets at the same time. This week I’m focusing on munching slower, decide on one kind of sweet to eat every day and be done with it.

3. This one is a non-brainer as well: Go to bed earlier. And switch of electronics at 10 pm.

4. Take more pictures of my everyday life. The time for creating my yearly picture book is getting closer and I fear that there aren’t a lot of pictures of my normal days.

5. Have a budget. I spend a little too much money last month, so I need to get back on track with my spending habits this week and use my Budget app again.

That’s it for this week folks! As I said: Life is good. Hope you have a lovely Sunday!


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