Eco fashion on a budget

How to buy eco fashion on a budget

One of the things I hear most often when I tell people I only buy fair fashion is: “But it’s so expensive!” And of course, that’s true. Fair fashion is more expensive than the high street. With good reason also: Clothes on the high street are only cheap because people get exploited producing them. Still, it’s not impossible to only buy fair fashion and still look fashionable. Even if you’re on a small budget.

Keep a Pinterest board

Keeping a style board on Pinterest has been one of the methods that helped me most in figuring out what to shop for in the past years. Every time I see an outfit I like, I pin it to my board. Then, if I feel like I need new clothes, I look for pieces I’ve pinned over and over again. This way, I only buy items I’ve liked for some time and don’t spend money on clothes that aren’t even my style.

Get the newsletter

Most (fair fashion) brands have a weekly newsletter these days. They often put in amazing sales and coupon codes, so you can save money if you just wait for the right newsletter. Also, most brands offer a discount just for signing up for the newsletter, such an easy way to find some eco fashion on a budget.

Keep a list of items to get

At the beginning of each season I look at my closet and my Pinterest board and write down what I would like to add to my closet. Then I shop for these items only (and save on unnecessary purchases once again).

Use Kleiderkreisel & ebay efficiently

If you start out with fair fashion, online secondhand shops are your best friend. They might seem a little overwhelming at first, but with a few tricks navigating them gets a lot easier. First of all, only look for very stylish brands that are a little out of your normal price range. For example, I really miss shopping at Zara but looking for Zara on Kleiderkreisel drives me insane. There are just too many pieces that aren’t great anymore (and too many pieces in general). Instead, looking for COS, &otherstories, Edited or fair fashion favourites like Filippa K are way more fun! Once you’ve found a piece you really like, look at what other pieces the seller has in store – it’s very likely there’s more beautiful pieces to find.

Shop your own closet

This is a simple method that doesn’t cost any money. Every couple of month, take out everything that’s in your closet. Fall in love with the pieces that you’ve forgotten about, waiting in the back of your closet. This way, you will find ‘new’ pieces for the season ahead without spending a penny!

Host a clothing swap

Another fun way to get rid of old clothes and find new favourites is to host a clothing swap. Invite a few good friends, tell them to bring some friends as well and start swapping! Everyone can bring a snack and the clothes they don’t like anymore. Hopefully, you’ll all find some new favourites and also just have a great time with your best friends.

These are the steps that made it easier for me to shop eco fashion on a budget without missing out on style. Do you have tips and tricks as well? Tell me in the comments!



  • Jess
    May 17, 2017


    Liebe Hanna,

    ich mag deinen Tipp, sich eine Liste anzulegen, sehr! Was ich zudem auch immer mache: Ich suche mir zu Beginn einer Saison ein paar tolle Fair Fashion Teile heraus und nehme mir vor, diese dann eventuell im Sale zu kaufen. So habe ich dann genügend Zeit, mir noch mal zu überlegen, ob ich das Kleidungsstück wirklich brauche oder nicht. Und meistens kaufe ich dann wirklich nur ein oder zwei Teile ;)

    Liebste Grüße
    Jess (

    • Hanna
      May 19, 2017


      Liebe Jess,
      das ist ein super Tipp! Man kann nochmal drüber nachdenken und spart – werd ich auch mal so machen! :)

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