Is more expensive actually better?


That’s a question I (and my friends) ask myself quite a lot.
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How I decided to say goodbye to fast fashion

Bye bye fast fashion - Say goodbye to the high street!

New year, new you!
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Buying Fair Fashion Without Going Broke

Tips to buy fair clothing without going broke | Hanna's Places

You already know that I care a lot about how the way I live impacts the world around me.
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The one about my closet cleanse and dressing, simplified

Living Simple Closet Cleanse

To start my journey of living a more simple life, I thought I would start with the place where I could definitely give away most stuff: My closet.
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A Bright Idea – Stop The Water While Using Me


Today I want to bring another great eco-friendly brand to you, Stop The Water While Using Me!
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A Bright Idea – Cruelty Free Against Animal Testing

Why don't you sign a petition this week and help banning animal testing?

After many of you supported the first petition I shared with you a few weeks ago, I thought, why not post another one?
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Make Nutella Fair Trade!

Make Nutella Fair Trade!

When trying to make a change, there’s nothing easier than signing a petition.
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How to Buy What You Need (and nothing more)

Resist shopping temptationsI have a confession to make: I love going shopping. I love having new and pretty clothes and wearing them for the first time. How does that fit in with a sustainable lifestyle?
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