How 30-day lists changed my shopping habits

30-day lists changed my shopping habits

As you may know, I changed my shopping habits quite a lot over the past few years. I stopped buying fast fashion  and I tried going second-hand shopping more often. At the same time I didn’t only start buying better, I also tried buying less. One of the shopping habits that really helped me with that was 30-day lists. Let me introduce you to the concept today!

What are 30-day lists?

As it often happens, I read about 30-day lists somewhere on the internet*.  The concept is incredibly easy: If you feel the urge to buy something, write it down with a date and wait for 30 days. If you still want it after that time period, feel free to buy it. If you realise you don’t actually love it that much, just scratch it out. Congrats, you’ve just saved some money and not made an unnecessary purchase. I have a small notebook for my 30-day lists and regularly go through my list. How I changed my shopping habits
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On shopping for three seasons

Shopping for three seasons | Hanna's Places

Today I want share with you a shopping trick my friend Dominika told me about recently: Shopping for three seasons. I really love it and hope you do too! It’s actually the easiest concept: When you buy something new, consider if you would be able to wear it for at least three seasons of the year. This might actually be a concept our moms and grandmas would love as well, ha!

Why shopping for three seasons helps while shopping

I used to hardly ever think about the season when I was at the store. Now that I do though, I’ve already noticed a difference about which items I actually end up buying. For example, I don’t buy flimsy summer dresses anymore, because they only look good on the hottest days of the year, not with a cardigan for example.

In Germany, there are about 5 really hot days each year – definitely not three whole seasons. On my journey of buying only fair fashion pieces that I actually love wearing, this is super helpful. This means there are no more pieces collecting dust in the back of my closet. To help you with this concept, I have listed a few tips on how to actually shop like this.
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Everything you need on a roadtrip

Everything you need on a road trip

I’m back from a little summer break, but summer definitely isn’t over yet! As you might remember, I went on a road trip from Spain to Italy a few weeks ago. We were sleeping on a different camping lot every night, packing our stuff and travelling all day. Of course, when we were around we also wanted to look presentable. Apart from all the fun we had, this trip was also quite a challenge for my packing skills. There are definitely a few of things I would do differently next time.  So here are my tips I gathered from my road trip.

Clothes for your road trip

+ Let’s talk about what to wear on the perfect road trip! I did some online window shopping the others day for some inspiration ( I mean, who doesn’t?).  If you have to live out of a suitcase, you definitely don’t want to overpack. It’s tempting to have ten different outfits ready to choose from. Instead, go for simple and comfortable basics. Pieces that don’t wrinkle and that you still feel good in work best. Among my favourites are a pretty striped shirt or dress and a pair of jeans for colder days. You’ll also need a jean jacket, a swimsuit and a few airy dresses you can wear day and night.
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How to travel without shopping urges

How to resist shopping urges when you're traveling | Hanna's Places. Picture by Helena La Petite.

One of the things I love(d) while traveling and on the road: Getting souvenirs in the form of clothes, shoes and accessories. Shopping in foreign countries has lost a little bit of its appeal now that we can get most labels online anyway and the High Streets all over the world pretty much look the same. Still, I think that it’s really nice to have a blouse or clutch to remember a great holiday.

Now, some of you might remember that I pledged to only buy fairly produced/secondhand clothes from now on. And commercially produced clothes don’t suddenly get fair just because they are sold in Spain instead of Germany. To be honest, seeing all those stylish French women on my last travel really woke some shopping urges in me. I managed to return back home without buying high street items, but it was harder than I thought. If you’re trying to go on holiday without nasty shopping urges, here’s some tips.

Get some small local souvenir

On my recent roadtrip I brought home a beautiful stoneware bowl from Barcelona and a wooden spoon from Grasses. They were maybe over-prized but they are handmade and I will own them for the rest of my life. That’s something I probably couldn’t say about a summer dress. I also took millions of pictures, so I will definitely remember this trip. I actually wrote a whole post on meaningful souvenirs, if you’re interested!

Hit up thrift stores and flea markets

I must admit I’m not the best at finding gems at those places, but at least I found a few nice books and accessories on my travels.
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How a shopping budget helps your wardrobe

Why setting a shopping budget will help you on Hanna's Places

I’ve mentioned in my post the other day, that I’ve just read ‘To Die For’. That book is so eye-opening and interesting, that I can’t help but talk about it. In one chapter she mentions an easy option how to get better at (the often expensive) ethical shopping: set a shopping budget. And not only a shopping budget – a yearly budget. Why is that a difference? Well, imagine you buy about two items a week both at about 20 € (more or less). By the end of the month, you will have spend 160 € on clothes only. At the end of the year, it’s even more: 2080 € on clothes which means you now own 104 new items. Did you expect that? And: who needs all those clothes?
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