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What's next on the blog?

Hey there! My time in the UK is slowly coming to an end and I’m back home in Germany in less than a week already (how did that happen?). Apart from meeting new and incredible friends, being able to work at one of my favourite companies and living in the city of my dreams for a short while, I’ve also had the pleasure of hanging out and learning from some really great and creative people. From chats on blogs and great ideas over endless cups of coffee to actual workshops and seminars, London has been one big place of inspiration for me.

All this has definitely given me a push to give this little place a little bit more love. So, without further ado, these are my plans:

Everlasting Apparel | Looking through my archives, I don’t really know why I even stopped these posts because I really loved them! We had a photo-shoot with Helena this weekend (there might or might not be a post with me in it, waah) and I can’t wait to get back into it!

Interviews | I’m really looking forward to posting interviews with social startups at the moment. I’ve come across somany great initiatives and charities started by people my age and I can’t wait to share them and get to know more about them in the process! Stay tuned.

Fair Travelguides | Everyone who knows me knows that I’m addicted to traveling and seeing new places. I’m always on the hunt for great charity shops, fair coffee shops and other places to go that are both a great experience and benefitting someone/something in some great way. Definitely looking forward to sharing the ones I already found with all of you.

Building community | Another thing I am highly passionate about – building community with the people around you, having a safe place where everyone feels supported and accepted. But how do you do that actually? I want to talk to people who achieve this everyday – youth leaders, social entrepreneurs, artists, branding specialists – and learn more about what actually makes that feeling of community come true.

A SHOP |Almost everyone I talk to about sustainable fashion, always kind of says the same thing: I would love to be more sustainable, but there isn’t anything nice/I don’t know where to find it. I myself have a looong list of different small brands saved on my computer that I always have to click through when I’m looking for one little piece. So I thought, let’s just make it easier for everyone! I will put up links to all the items with things I love and you will be able to click through and purchase from those shops. Easy-peasy!

Well, I personally can’t wait to start – what do you guys think? I would love your feedback on those ideas (there are some other small tidbits on my list of things to share as well) and if you know anyone who would fit these descriptions of things to talk about, please let me know. Or if you’re a social entrepreneur with a great idea, get in touch as well!

PS: You know there wasn’t a lot posted here in the past few months. So why am I suddenly getting back to it? The biggest thing pushing me was probably the Magic Elephant workshop I went to last weekend. I learned SO much about blogging and it was an amazing chance to pitch my ideas to people who earn their living with creating great blog content (Rasa and Helena) and therefore know what it is all about – and also talk with other creatives/bloggers, who often struggle with the same problems as I do. If you are a blogger/thinking about it/not really motivated to do it at the moment and have any chance to get to London, I would really really recommend you going. As soon as I got back home last week I just wanted to start writing and publishing. So, if this blog is coming back to life soon – blame it on the Magic Elephant ;).


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