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This week was a pretty low-key one, mainly because I was sick with the flu and also had to do a lot of work for school. My days mainly consisted of reading in bed and drinking lots of tea and coffee. It could definitely be worse, I think:

+ On Sunday, I met up with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while and we had such a great time. We had the opportunity to catch up a bit and also made our own raffaellos. The recipe we followed was in German, but I will try and share it sometime in the next few weeks (I didn’t get around to snap any photos this time…).

+ Monday, I felt like spending some time in the kitchen, so I made some jam (raspberry-orange) and baked some bread. I’m still looking for a great white bread (yes, the unhealthy, white flour kind). The one I tried was good, but not great, so the search continues. Any favourite recipes?

+ This week I read ‘The Marriage Plot’ by Jeffrey Eugenides. It wasn’t bad or boring, but I guess I also wouldn’t recommend it. Incendiary is definitely so much better (strange/sad fact: this book was actually published on the day of the London terror attacks in July 2005).

+ Yesterday, we went out with some friends to watch the last German football match and get some pizza afterwards. I actually love world cup time, not necessarily because I’m interested in the games, but because it’s always a fun time, out and about surrounded by (hopefully) happy people.

+ In preparation for my time in Scotland at the end of the year, I’m already preparing and thinking of smart things to pack. This rain coat and a Herschel backpack are definitely high on my list.

+ If you have read my post on Monday, you’ll know that I tried to live without eating meat this week. It really wasn’t hard at all! I had to make a few alterations to my favourite recipes (for example: instead of sausage, I but some black lentils in my favourite potato soup, and it was so good!). I was having a bit of a hard time finding something delicious to put on my sandwich (I don’t want to eat that much cheese either): I tried it with just tomatoes, salt and pepper and it was really good. Avocado is great as well. I guess I will still head to the butcher now and then, but I’ll try to cut out meat whenever it is possible.

What have you been up to this week? And what are your plans for the weekend? I’m meeting some good friends today for some cooking together and maybe watching a movie (the ultimate Friday evening relaxation) and travelling home for my grandma’s 77th birthday on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing everybody and eating tons of cake!



  • Nina
    June 27, 2014


    Well let’s see…
    Last weekend was pretty good, with a first day of sumer spent with friends in a pool and doing a barbecue, then drinking mojitos and heading to the music fest (this is how we celebrate summer in France, everyone who knows how to play music can settle something in the streets or in a bar, and in big cities there are great concerts too!). Sunday was realxing, I went to the cinema with my bf (we saw Edge of tomorrow, and it was not bad!)

    Monday I had to work in my favourite tearoom because there was workers at my flat and I had no electricity (well, in the end they did a pretty bad job, I’m going to tell the owner about that…) and it was just great to work with a cup of tea and a slice of lemon and poppy seed cake! Since I ran out of battery on my computer, I spend the afternoon shopping (I found a shaker and muddler, I had been looking for some for ages!) then reading a book in a park.

    Tuesday I had a barbecue at a very dear friend’s place. He is going to Chile for work, so we had a nice farewell party!

    Wednesday I went back to the tearoom with a friend that was in town for the day and had the best cookie of my life with my favourite summer drink : a mojitea (green sweet tea with mint and lime)

    And yesterday evening was the last zumba class before summer holidays, it was exhausting because of the heat and we all wanted to do our best for the last class! I’m all sore today! After that we had a little party.

    Pfiew, what a busy week it was! Tonight I’m heading to a concert, and tomorrow as well. I guess I’ll sleep when I’m dead right?

    • Hanna
      July 1, 2014


      Wow, pool, barbecue, mojitos and a music fest all in one day! Sounds like the perfect summer’s day :) What part of France are you from?
      Cinema on Sunday sounds great as well – I can’t wait to see Boyhood!

      And well for the rest of the week: It all sounds perfect! Working from a café, reading in the park, zumba, barbecues, summer drinks…sounds like my kind of week!

      What kind of concerts did you see?

      PS: Somehow I can’t open the link to your blog – is that my mistake or is something wrong with the link?

  • Danielle
    June 27, 2014


    Sorry to hear you spent your week sick. I do hope you are feeling better! Fresh jam & bread sounds wonderful – especially a week like this one. It has been so rainy here. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  • Kate
    June 28, 2014


    That jam sounds super yummy and it’s so nice to catch up with old friends. I’m glad you liked Incendiary. That’s an old favorite of mine. I should re-read it!

    • Hanna
      June 28, 2014


      You definitely should (and you should make the jam as well :)

  • Laura Peta
    July 29, 2014


    Oh my, that jam sounds incredible – I’ll definitely be giving that a go soon!
    That picture of St Ives is gorgeous too. I live just outside St Ives and love seeing pictures of my favourite place popping up on blogs.

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