How to get a plastic-free kitchen



  • Sophie
    May 9, 2016


    I’m really trying hard to eliminate plastic but also excess/unnecessary packaging from my home but it’s tough. We shop at a local market, which makes avoiding plastic bags easier (although the stall holders often dump everything into a plastic bag regardless of how loud you shout to tell them not to!) and some items, like tofu, comes pre-packaged making it impossible to avoid.

    I donated a ton of tupperware we purchased when we moved in and now I’m looking for alternatives; having pots (not tall jars) is useful but tupperware is just so gross looking.

    • Hanna
      May 9, 2016


      I know that ‘problem’ with stall holders putting everything in plastic bags (and every single item into it’s own plastic bag, it’s ridiculous!). What I find works is if you hand them your tote bag, even if they look at you strangely ;). I feel like it’s a lot easier with items like that than with rice, milk, tofu etc, but at least it’s a start and I’m trying to find more alternatives.

      As for practical Tupperware alternatives, have you tried tiffin boxes? I think it’s really practical for taking lunch with you and they look nicer than Tupperware!

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