A beginners guide to sustainable tourism

Tipps und Tricks zum Nachhaltigen Reisen

You know that I love to travel. There are so many beautiful places I yet want to discover and so many countries I want to visit.
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How to enjoy summer wherever you are

How to enjoy summer wherever you are on Hanna's Places

Summer time is here! Time to travel and explore new places.
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How to buy great souvenirs you won’t regret

How to buy great souvenirs you won't regret
Happy Monday guys! As you know, I’m in London right now and my souvenir shopping urges are huge.
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5 reasons train travel is better

5 reasons train travel is great

I’m going to London today! Oh happy day :) And for the first time ever, I’ve decided not to hop on a plane, but go by train (I’m actually on that train right now). If you’re wondering why, here’s five reasons why traveling by train is so much more enjoyable:
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I’m going to Uganda! And some travel tips

All the travel tips you need

Yay! I’m leaving for Uganda this evening!
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Everything you need on a roadtrip

Everything you need on a road trip

I’m back from a little summer break, but summer definitely isn’t over yet!
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How to travel without shopping urges

How to resist shopping urges when you're traveling | Hanna's Places. Picture by Helena La Petite.

One of the things I love(d) while traveling and on the road: Getting souvenirs in the form of clothes, shoes and accessories.
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Latrina Travels – Camping Trips


No matter where you live, or what season you may be experiencing, it’s never a bad time to go camping.
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Latrina Travels – Weekend Getaways


In my last travel post I focused a lot on day trips.
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