Autumn Goals

Autumn Goals 2016It’s finally arrived – my (very) favourite season of the year. I wish I could live in a country where it’s late September/early October all the time. I mean, what’s not to love? The weather is perfect, the air is crisp, it’s cozy inside, you can snuggle up with layers and scarves again and everything looks golden. As a constant goal-setter, of course I set some autumn ones as well (if you can legitimately ‘make apple pie’ a goal) and here’s my list:

Autumn Goals 2016

1. As mentioned above: make apple pie ;)

2. Take part in a (creative) writing competition.

3. Make socks.

4. Clean out my basement.

5. Make spicy hot chocolate (like the one at Tinderbox in Glasgow) and put marshmallows in there.

6. Take short morning walks right after waking up.

7. Get a new and cosy pyjama and some slippers.

8. Make pumpkin pie.

9. Make scented candles.

10. Find a great autumn perfume.

11. Take a walk through the woods and go on an autumn hike.

12. Read all the books.

13. Make homemade bread (there’s so many food related to do’s here!)

14. Go vintage shopping.

15. Make blackberry and apple crumble.

16. Go to the hamam.

17. Have a lot of bubble baths.

18. Drink all the cider.

19. Go apple-picking.

20. Continue going to Pilates once a week.

21. Start calligraphy.

22. Put cayenne pepper in my tea (I read this somewhere and it sounded interesting).

Autumn, I’m ready for you! What’s are your favourite autumn traditions that you can’t wait to start?





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