25 Goals for your summer bucket list

Drei Buchtipps für den Sommer

As of yesterday, I have finished writing my Bachelor’s Thesis. I still have to change a few bits and actually hand it in, but it is actually finished! And it feels like a giant weight has been lifted of my chest. Now that that part of my life is finally over, there is finally time to make some plans and summer goals for a great season ahead. I will not have a lot of time off, but I can still dream of a beautiful season, right?

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

1. Get a tan. Which takes a long time for me.

2. Find a great (sustainable) bathing suit. Any tips where to find one? Especially one that does not cost hundreds of Euros?

3. Finish cleaning out my closet. Not sure if that will ever actually happen, but that’s why it’s a goal, right?

4. Start learning Spanish again. I’ve installed Duolingo again and it’s fun!

5. Make iced coffee. Raspberry milk is very high up on my list as well.

6. Visit two museum exhibitions.

7. Go on a hike.

8. Explore a part of my new city I haven’t seen yet. I still need to visit so many new places around Bonn.

9. Speaking of which: Find a great coffee shop around the corner. I miss having so many great coffee shops right around the corner (like in Düsseldorf). But I will find some in Bonn, I’m sure!

1o. Make ice cream. Or go to the great ice cream place around the corner from my home. It sells wonderful flavours like avocado or seasalted caramel.

11. Work out outside as often as possible. In Bonn, there is a great initiative called “Sport im Park”. You can go and work out outside every weekday and it’s for free!

12. Go surfing. Probably it’s incredibly hard, but I really want to try.

13. Make cocktails. With and without alcohol.

14. Go on a fair shopping tour in Cologne. It is so much more fun than just shopping online.

15. Take (& print) more of my photos. Maybe I can start using my instax more again as well!

16. Host a summer brunch. Complete with waffles and fresh fruit!

17. Publish an article.

18. Relax and get enough sleep. This is hard in summer I find, but maybe I can just sleep in the sun?

19. Plan a trip for fall.

20. Have a slow morning routine.

21. Leave the office at 6 pm no matter what and go for a walk around the block.

22. Enjoy my birthday. I will turn 23 this year and want to make the most of it.

23. Let go of a bad habit. Stopping to eat all the sweets would be a great place to start!

24. Go to the flea market.

25. Limit screen time and read instead. Also, in the sun.

I’m getting excited about summer just reading this summer bucket list – what are your plans for the season ahead?

25 goals for your summer bucket list


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