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Summer Goals | Hanna's Places

As of yesterday, I have finished writing my Bachelor’s Thesis. I still have to change a few bits and actually hand it in, but it’s finished! And it feels, like a giant weight has been lifted of my chest. Now that part of my life is finally over, there’s time to make some plans and summer goals for a great season ahead – even though the weather doesn’t actually feel like summer at the moment…

Summer Goals 2016

+ Get a tan. Which takes a loong time for me.

+ Find a great (sustainable) bathing suit. Do you have tips for great sustainable bathing suits?

+ Finish cleaning out my closet.

+ Start learning Spanish again. I’ve installed Duolingo again and it’s fun!

+ Make iced coffee. Raspberry milk is very high up on my list as well.

+ Visit two museum exhibitions.

+ Go on a hike.

+ Explore a part of my new city I haven’t seen yet. I still need to visit

+ Find a great coffee shop around the corner.

+ Make ice cream. Or go to a great ice cream place that sells wonderful flavours like avocado or seasalted caramel.

+ Workout outside as often as possible.

+ Go surfing. Probably it’s incredibly hard, but I really want to try.

+ Make cocktails. With or without alcohol.

+ Go on a fair shopping tour in Cologne.

+ Take (& print) more of my photos.

+ Host a summer brunch. Complete with waffles and fresh fruit!

+ Publish an article.

+ Relax and get enough sleep.

+ Plan a trip for fall.

+ Buy flowers every single week.

+ Have a slow morning routine.

+ Leave the office at 6 pm no matter what.

+ Enjoy my birthday. I’m gonna be 23 this year!

+ Let go of a bad habit. Stopping eating all the sweets would be a great place to start!

+ Go to the flea market.

+ Limit screen time and read instead.

I’m getting excited about summer just reading this list – what are your plans for the season ahead?


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