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Kayla on Everlasting Apparel

These pictures just scream summer and coolness, don’t they? Today I’m really happy to introduce Kayla to you for a new Everlasting Apparel feature. I discovered her blog, Audax Journal, a couple of weeks ago (it’s still brand new!) and instantly fell in love with all the colours and the beautiful photography. Kayla is a freelance photographer, so no wonder it looks so great. She’s introducing us to the most beautiful everlasting piece today – a dress she got from her grandma! Read on for more about Kayla, her take on ethical fashion and this beautiful dress:

Kayla on Everlasting Apparel Kayla on Everlasting Apparel

Tell us something about yourself!

My name is Kayla, and I am the creator of The Audax Journal – an ethical fashion blog devoted to showcasing the colorful side of ethical fashion. I created it because when I started making the transition to an eco-friendly, ethical wardrobe, I noticed there was a common misconception that the clothing was boring. Most of the people I talked to about ethical fashion thought it was full of hippy hemp clothes (nothing wrong with that), or trash bag dresses. I knew there was a much more exciting, vibrant side to the industry that many people just weren’t seeing. My goal is to show that side, and show that making the switch to an ethical wardrobe is attainable without giving up your love for color.

When I’m not living, eating, dreaming about my blog – I’m a freelance photographer, vegan newbie/wannabe (I’m trying!), self-taught yogi, and lover of dancing, vintage clothes, classic films, peppermint tea and animals. I spend as much time in nature as possible and take every opportunity to travel. I watch the Harry Potter movies at least once a year and always dress up for Halloween. One day, I hope to have my own homestead and an ethical fashion boutique.

Kayla on Everlasting Apparel

If you could sum up your life at the moment, what would it be?

Well, I’m still in the first month of launching my blog, so my life at the moment is (a bit hectic!) full of excitement and challenges. I am learning new things everyday and realizing that this project I’ve been dreaming about for so long is taking shape, and evolving every day. It’s one big, beautiful storm. Lot’s of coffee, research, photo shoots, and music. Everything from classical to gansta rap.

Where and when did you find your everlasting piece?

My everlasting piece came from my grandmothers closet. I remember her opening the bifold doors of a storage closet (where she kept her vintage clothes) and saying the most wonderful words “take whatever you want”. *insert angelic chorus and harp playing* It was a beautiful day.

Is there a special story connected to this outfit?

My grandmother said she couldn’t remember where she acquired the dress, but being an international traveler and having spent time in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco – I’d like to think she picked it up during her travels at some dusty, traditional souq in the 1970s. When I moved to Abu Dhabi 2 years ago, I knew I couldn’t leave the dress behind. I love how I can wear the same dress as my grandmother nearly 4 decades later and it’s still in style. #win

Kayla on Everlasting Apparel Kayla on Everlasting Apparel

Why do you think slow fashion is important?

Fast-fashion is killing the planet and encouraging modern-day slavery. Sounds a bit harsh, right? It is. It’s completely unnecessary and unethical. We only have one life, and one planet. Making the effort to support slow fashion shows that you care about the human life that stands behind it and the beautiful planet we live on together…and that’s important.

Thank you so much Kayla! I can honestly say that this is one of my favourite Everlasting Apparel features of all time – both your insightful answers and the pictures of that stunning dress! If you want to follow Kayla online, her blog is over here or you can check out her instagram as well.


  • BYEM
    July 7, 2016

    Love how this look is soo timeless – the colours are just stunning! Thank you for the tip :)

    Scandinavian Slow Fashion coming soon to http://www.BYEM.com

    • Hanna
      July 7, 2016

      Right? I would have never believed it was Kayla’s grandma’s dress! Glad you like it :)

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