Getting inspired by Chef’s Table

Getting inspired by Chef's Table - Hanna's Places

Have you guys watched the Netflix show ‘Chef’s Table’ yet? It’s a documentation series about some of the greatest chefs around the world, focusing on one of them in each episode. I have just finished watching the first season and I feel so inspired from it. Not inspired to cook necessarily but inspired to create and follow my passion. All of those chefs in the show are very different and from lots of different places as well, but still, there’s a couple of basic truths that unite all of them.

Lessons from Chef’s Table

1. They all know exactly what they are doing. Even though all the chefs are creating new things that have never been there before, all of them are highly trained as well. Many of them have worked in Paris and learned from the best. What does that teach us? You first need to learn your craft and practice a lot (!), before things will get as great as you imagine them.

2. Determination lead them where they wanted to go. Most of the chefs struggled with failure and disappointments in their career. Failed restaurants, unemployment etc. They still kept their dreams alive and just tried something different – the road to success is never straight.

3. They all prioritized good and simple ingredients over quantity. If you start with great basics, whatever you are creating will be so much better as well. Furthermore, it shows even more that mass-produced fast food only harms our bodies and our environment. Some of the chefs grow all the vegetables in their restaurants themselves – one even had his own farm. Consequently we can watch how much care goes into choosing the right dishes for each season. It’s simply fascinating!

4. Nature inspires all of them. There’s no better place to clear your head than being surrounded by nature and nothing else.

5. They were all confident about the fact that you they creative beings. We have all been created with a creative mind. It isn’t about whether you are creative or not, it’s about whether you have started creating yet or not.

If you haven’t watched Chef’s Table yet, you simply need to check it out.


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