All the wonderful things that happened in May


As I said in my post on Monday, it is way too easy to start comparing yourself with others and stop appreciating what you have. To prevent me from doing that (and also from forgetting all the great things that happened – as Helena said in her own month in review post, time is running faster every month!), I decided to do some little month in review posts well, at the end of the month! These are mainly for me kind of as a diary, but I always enjoy reading them on other people’s blogs as well, so here goes!

All the cool things that happened in May:

1. My family and I welcomed this great month with a family trip (which doesn’t happen nearly often enough) to Schloss Dyck (1&2). As you can see, it’s a beautiful little castle not very far from our home town, I have no idea why we never went there before!

2. I started blogging again! Technically, my first post was published on April 22, but I really got back into the swing in May. It is so much fun at the moment and it’s silly, but it’s kind of cool to see my little space take baby steps and start growing.

3. I also introduced a fun new fashion column, that I can’t wait to see growing as well and having lots and lots of contributors. As I said, it is so interesting to see which pieces people choose because they are extra-special to them. So far we have been able to see the everlasting garments of Helena, Leney and Kyla.

4. We enjoyed a really sunny weekend out on the porch reading and relaxing. It was glorious (by the way, if you ever feel like just sitting outside and relaxing, I highly recommend reading the Isabel Dalhousie novels by Alexander McCall Smith, they take place in Edinburgh (one of my dream cities) and he is able to capture a cozy atmosphere like nobody else! I’m a little addicted I’m afraid and already reading number six…

5. I tried out writing with a tablet. Still a loong way to go…

6. I thought about going vegetarian (and am actually still thinking about it and eating as little meat as possible. I still feel uncomfortable if I’m out with friends, somebody went to the trouble and cooked and I have to say I can’t eat it…). We’ll see where that goes!

7. I took a fabulous trip to France with an old friend (to visit another old friend- picture 3 &4). It was way colder than we anticipated (last time we went there this time of year we were able to swim in the ocean, now it was freezing with a windbreaker and a scarf). Nevertheless, it was a great little trip!


8. Then, I first opened a Society6 shop…

9. And also, only a week after that: After dreaming about it for about five years, I opened my own little Etsy shop (5&6)! Every time I think: I have my own Etsy shop, I just want to squeal ‘yaaaaay’. Some of my friends have bought my stuff (the little pencil case for example) and I must say I am a little bit proud! There are tons of new ideas in my head for the shop and there will be at least three new products added to the shop this month (maybe already next weekend?). It’s so much fun thinking of things people could want to get their loved ones. If you want to check it out and buy something, you still have the opening sale of 10 % with the code HANNASPLACES. Enjoy!

10. The day the shop ‘opened’ I celebrated with some friends and some pasta (7). It was a great evening and fun to make lots of  unrealistic plans (which didn’t sound so crazy at that moment…)!

11. I’ve also started visiting a Connect Group at my local church (finally, after living here for half a year) and the people I have met so far have been all very nice and great! I’m looking forward to getting to know all of them a little better.

12. With my church I have been able to attend the Hillsong Live concert in my hometown – as a helper (8). It was so much fun to see everything that happens ‘behind the scenes’ at a concert like that. Definitely an experience.

13. On this blog, I had the pleasure to be able to find two really amazing contributors – Helena and Latrina. I myself am looking forward to reading each of their posts. I’m truly honoured that people who are creative and talented like that would actually agree to contribute to this little blog of mine! I’m looking forward to working on more and more ideas together and also maybe some new collaborations? Definitely excited about what’s to come.

14. And finally I went to Paris for a few days. I think my whole blog will be Paris infected for the next few days, so I spare you even more details ;).

May was definitely fun! June won’t be as exciting, but still a great month I believe. As I said I will maybe be adding some more products to the shop, start learning for my exams so everything goes well there. Other than that, my motto for June is: Simplify (more on that soon…).

Hope you have a great week!

PS: These are all Instagram-pictures from this month, if you want to follow along you can find me here (@hannaula).



  • Amanda
    June 5, 2013


    I loved this – congrats on a very fulfilling May!

    • hanna
      June 6, 2013


      Thanks, hope you had a good month, too!

  • Latrina
    June 6, 2013


    WOW. And I thought I accomplished a lot this May! I am so impressed… and HAPPY for you! So excited for all the wonderful things that have happened in your life… and WILL be happening for you. I am so thrilled to have met you, too. And just as happy to work with you! :)

    I can not wait to see where June takes you.

    • hanna
      June 6, 2013


      Haha, thanks for your sweet comment! :) I’m also really happy about working together, let’s see where that collaboration will go! I’m definitely excited! Hope you had a good month and have a brilliant June as well…let’s see what it brings!

  • Aubrey
    June 25, 2013


    I’ve always loved those month in review posts. I can relate that you are doing it for memory’s sake.

    As far as going vegetarian, I say, go for it. I’d also recommend checking out the book The China Study and the film Forks Over Knives for more great information on diet and health.

    • hanna
      June 26, 2013


      Thanks! I should definitely check out those two, I’m always on the look-out for more information. Thanks for the tip!

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