Everlasting Apparel – Human Sea Vintage


Today I have the pleasure of featuring Dulcie from Human Sea Vintage for Everlasting Apparel. She’s a vintage shop owner and blogger from London (with the absolute dream job). I’m sure you will fall in love with her and her whimsical style immediately. And I love the way she think about vintage clothing…
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How to survive the winter blues

How to survive the winter blues on Hanna's Places

February. Definitely not my favourite time of the year. Everything’s grey and cold and you don’t even want to leave the house. Winter blues time. There are days that I’m actually looking forward to going back to bed from the minute my alarm clock rings in the morning. Definitely not ideal. If it was possible, I’d move to California or the south of France, at least for the months of January to March. Since that isn’t possible and I don’t want to continue wishing my days away, I’ve come up with some ideas, how to brave this time of year.

Eat mood food

I don’t really understand why, but there are some kind of foods that actually make you feel better and have a more positive outlook on the day. They force your body to produce serotonin (which in turn makes you happy and let’s the winter blues go away). The best known examples are bananas, dark chocolate and pasta, but other great examples are nuts, oats, potatoes, lentils, chicken and eggs. Don’t even think about dieting (the good thing about winter is that you can hide those extra kilos under your sweaters ;). Don’t over-indulge too much though: Feeling sick and having an upset stomach isn’t going to make you feel better about winter. Everything in moderation, I’d say.

Take a long walk outside

Even if the sun isn’t shining, just half an hour outside helps you feel calmer and happier. Your metabolism needs light to work properly and artificial light just isn’t enough. And I don’t know about you, but somehow I often feel as if I have achieved something after going outside, even though I just took a walk.
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Our Perfect Date – Court & Zack


Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! Are you having a day filled with love and joy? In a relationship or not, I hope you are spending it with your favourite people and showing them all your affection.

Here on the blog, it’s time for some romantic stories as well: Today Courtney is sharing the (absolutely adorable) story of how she and her husband met and what their perfect date would look like. I don’t want to tell you too much, but I can say one thing: It will definitely bring a smile to your face.

How did you meet and fall in love?

This is one of those “mom’s always know best” stories because my mom actually introduced us! The day Zack and I were supposed to hang out for the first time, there was a tornado. I remember being at work during it, hoping he wouldn’t cancel our dinner date due to weather. Good news is, he didn’t cancel and it was one of favorite meals I had ever had due to my company. We fell in love over the course of that summer. Mexican dinners outside, trips to the lake, and lots of long talks on hikes. I remember thinking I could listen to Zack talk for the rest of my life. I loved how easy going he was and his outlook on life. It’s pinch me stuff that we are going to be able to have a lifetime worth of conversations together.
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Just A Few Questions…

Could you help me and answer a few questions?

Hi everyone! With my holiday starting today, I finally have some free time to spend on improving this little space of mine and work out some new and exciting things. So today, I have a small favour to ask you: Could you maybe answer this little survey (it will only take a minute!)? Your feedback matters so much and I will do my best to take all your answers into consideration. Thanks so much guys, it means a lot!

Don’t be shy, I can definitely handle criticism as well – just no hate, please.

How We Do – Spring Cleaning

How We Do Spring Cleaning | Hanna's Places

Good morning, everybody! Today it’s time for the third installment of How We Do (already!). Trina and I love writing this column every month and we can’t wait to read all of your stories as you publish them. Today let’s talk about Spring Cleaning!

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