7 (small) things to make somebody’s day

7 Small Things to make somebody's day Today

Sometimes I feel that in our modern world, small acts of kindness are slowly disappearing. We all just try our best to make our lives the best kind of life possible, without paying attention to others. What’s sad though – kindness mostly doesn’t cost us anything. That’s why, today, I decided to name a few acts of kindness we could all try on our neighbours and friends.

When you’re at the till ask the cashier/barista/taxi driver how their day has been so far.

I often feel we go through life ignoring the people around us. Only saying as much as we need to, avoiding eye contact, sometimes even leaving in our headphones while we pay. Today, why don’t you chat a little, while you’re at the till? It won’t hurt and it might make your day as well!

Surprise your housemate’s with a cup of coffee

And not just a cup of coffee, one with foam, a small biscuit, some latte art (?) and the whole sha-bang. My old housemate did this for me a couple of years ago and I still remember, even though it’s such a tiny thing!
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Food | Favourite Recipes in September

My favourite recipes in September | Picture Monstruo Estudio/Unsplash

Over the past few weeks here in Scotland, I’ve started trying a lot of the recipes I’ve been pinning on Pinterest (instead of just having a pretty picture collection). My flat is ‘only’ student accomodation, but the kitchen is big and amazing and it’s real fun working in there (even though my utensils practically consist of a spoon and two pots). I’ve tested quite a few recipes so far, some have been great and absolutely delicious, others not so much. Either way, most of the combinations were something I would have never thought of trying before.

Since I know some of you are cooks (and Pinterest-users ;) as well, here’s a little selection of my favourite recipes in September:

Pear Pizza with Fried Sage (I used dried sage instead of fresh and fried – still tasted amazing)

Healthy Chicken Enchiladas

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Project Green | 10 (small) sustainable habits

10 small sustainable habits

A few weeks ago, I shared a small list of habits we can all adapt to make somebody’s day and just make our world a nicer place to live in. If you think about it, it’s really easy (and fun) to live a little more consciously. This week I’ve put together ten more small habits, this time for a more eco-friendly life (and you won’t even have to think about it after a few weeks):

1 | If you’re making tea or coffee, fill the kettle with as much water as you will actually need and not to the brim. It’s faster and uses less energy. Double-win!

2 |  Re-use your plastic bags as trashbags.

3 | Write on both sides of the paper (I told you it’s really small things ;).

4 | Put down the heater a degree or two and just put on a cosy sweater.

5 | Start drinking tab water (if it’s drinkable where you’re from). This is a win on more than one level as well: You save money, you don’t have to carry your drinks home anymore, water is healthier than fizzy drinks and there’s less plastic waste.

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5 thoughts about life in Scotland (so far)

Thoughts about living in Scotland so far

Time is flying by (as always) and I’ve already been in Scotland for more than ten days! I don’t know if you have followed up on the news about the Scottish referendum, but the Scots have decided that they want to remain in the United Kingdom. Walking the streets of Glasgow in the past few days, this decision didn’t seem possible. Glasgow was definitely a stronghold for ‘Yes’-voters! It wouldn’t have surprised me to see people with Yes-Tattoos somewhere. I’m definitely excited to be in this country at this time (by the way, this video explains exceptionally what the whole referendum was about). Some other tid-bits:

1 | Everyone who has warned me about the accent: You were (partly) right! It’s definitely harder to understand than the English accent, but I feel like it gets better every day. Older people are harder to get than the young onesand following other peoples conversations, but I’m getting there. Next goal: Using ‘Aye’ in conversations without sounding strange.

2 | Apart from the accent, the Scots are incredibly friendly! The woman at the cash register, the waiters, random people in the street: everybody’s up for a little chat and always happy to help if you look lost.

3 | I love that there are charity and vintage shops everywhere here. They save you money, you are doing something good and it’s basically recycling. I’ve only bought a few books so far (what else?), but I’m keeping my eyes open for a tartan scarf and maybe some cool old kitchen utensils. Shopping like this is a little bit like treasure hunting, you never know what you might get (living on the edge here guys).

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Exploring Glasgow | Kelvingrove Park

Exploring Glasgow | Kelvingrove Park & Park Circus 4
Exploring Glasgow | Kelvingrove Park & Park Circus

On my first day in Glasgow the weather was beautiful and sunny, perfect to go out and explore a little bit. I started out by visiting Kelvingrove Park, which is in the west of Glasgow and right next to the university. The perfect place for some book reading, people watching or just a break if you want to rest your feet. As much as I love living in the city, I’m always happy if there is a little bit of green and nature to go to. If you ever go to Glasgow, you should definitely enjoy the relaxed atmosphere here and the great views of the university and the grand old buildings around.

Now I’m off to do some more exploring. This evening there’s a Ceilidh dance hosted for the students, so I’m curious about that as well. Has anybody of you ever tried dancing Ceilidh?

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