A Saturday Morning with old Friends

Der perfekte Samstagmorgen: Brunch in der Löffelbar

To me, a good Saturday morning looks like this: Brunch with old friends, great food and lots of coffee. And luckily, last Saturday was exactly a day like that.

I made a little daytrip to my old home, Düsseldorf, where I lived for almost five years. I could never imagine moving back, but small trips like this always make me appreciate the city again. Especially, if there are great friends by my side!

Der perfekte Samstagmorgen: Brunch in der Löffelbar Ein Morgen in Düsseldorf: Brunch in der Löffelbar

To long friendships

As it happened, one of my best friends from school was visiting home as well. Our last meet-up was ages ago, so naturally, we decided it was high time to go out for breakfast together. When we were still at school, this was an almost weekly ritual.

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10 Things to Make Someone’s Day – in 1 Hour


Bake a cake and bring it to your friends or colleagues.

It’s okay if it’s from a box, I won’t tell ;) All that counts is the right heart behind it.

Meet over coffee

Listen and take your time with your friends. Make it a serious intention that the meet-up is not about you, but them.
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7 (small) things to make somebody’s day

7 Small Things to make somebody's day Today

Sometimes I feel that in our modern world, small acts of kindness are slowly disappearing. We all just try our best to make our lives the best kind of life possible, without paying attention to others. What’s sad though – kindness mostly doesn’t cost us anything. That’s why, today, I decided to name a few acts of kindness we could all try on our neighbours and friends.

When you’re at the till ask the cashier/barista/taxi driver how their day has been so far.

I often feel we go through life ignoring the people around us. Only saying as much as we need to, avoiding eye contact, sometimes even leaving in our headphones while we pay. Today, why don’t you chat a little, while you’re at the till? It won’t hurt and it might make your day as well!

Surprise your housemate’s with a cup of coffee

And not just a cup of coffee, one with foam, a small biscuit, some latte art (?) and the whole sha-bang. My old housemate did this for me a couple of years ago and I still remember, even though it’s such a tiny thing!
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Appreciating friendships

appreciating good friends on hanna's places

It’s been a while since the last issue The Little Things, and I’m happy to be back. Life is still quite busy, which is why it’s good to sometimes take a step back and remember the nice little things. Today is all about spending some quality time with good friends.

I was in Vienna a couple of weeks ago visiting a friend. It was great to get a few days together to hang out and catch up.

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