25 Goals for your summer bucket list

Drei Buchtipps für den Sommer

As of yesterday, I have finished writing my Bachelor’s Thesis.
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A great app to form new habits

A great new app to help you form new habits

A new year, new resolutions and with that, new habits. It’s the same every year, isn’t it?
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My Spring Bucket List for 2014

My Spring Bucket List on Hanna's Places

Spring is already a week old, so I think it’s time to write down (and share ;) a few of my goals for this season.
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My fall bucket list to enjoy the season ahead

Fall Bucket List to enjoy the season

I’ve said it countless times, I’ll say it again: I L-O-V-E autumn!
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My summer bucket list for 2013

My summer bucket list on Hanna's Places

I know summer is technically already in full swing, but I only just finished my last exam this week (yay!), so the time to enjoy summer begins now.
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