5 sustainable June goals

5 sustainable june goalsHey guys, June is around the corner!
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25 Goals for your summer bucket list

Drei Buchtipps für den Sommer

As of yesterday, I have finished writing my Bachelor’s Thesis.
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How to enjoy summer wherever you are

How to enjoy summer wherever you are on Hanna's Places

Summer time is here! Time to travel and explore new places.
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Raspberry Milk for Summer

The Best Raspberry Shake Recipe
Oh, raspberry milk, how I love you.
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Everything you need on a roadtrip

Everything you need on a road trip

I’m back from a little summer break, but summer definitely isn’t over yet!
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Eco-friendly ways to survive the heat wave

8 eco-friendly ways to survive the heat wave

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? What can I say, mine was H-O-T!
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To Birkenstock or not to Birkenstock?

Birkenstock favourites

Birkenstock – yes or no?
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