Travel Guide: How to spend a slow weekend in Leiden

How to spend a slow, sustainable weekend in Leiden

Summer time! This means holidays, free time, traveling! Over here in Germany, summer always starts with three bank holidays at the end of May. So, a few weekends ago, I travelled to Leiden in the Netherlands! It’s a beautiful little student town close to the coast. It felt a bit like walking through mini-Amsterdam – without the crowds and the red light district.

Apart from being really beautiful, Leiden is also the perfect spot if you want to spend a slow and sustainable holiday! You can get everywhere by bike or on foot, there’s a lot of vintage shops around and there’s healthy food options and small coffee shops too! I really fell in love with the town and its slow pace. That’s why I definitely recommend that you put it on your list of places to go! (more…)

Everlasting Apparel – Chic Étique

Lauren from Chic Éthique for Everlasting Apparel - Hanna's Places

Happy Tuesday! Today I want to introduce you to Lauren from ethical fashion blog Chic Éthique. I found her blog while I was looking for new ethical style bloggers to follow and instantly fell in love! She shares beautiful outfits, gives tips on how to get more wear out of your outfits and makes ethical fashion accessible for everyone. These are all big favourites in my book! Today, Lauren shares her favourite outfit with us and tells us more about her views on fair fashion. Enjoy!

Tell us something about yourself and Chic Éthique!

I’m a piano teacher by day and a fashion blogger over on my blog Chic Éthique by night! I did my university work in classical piano, but I’ve always had a love for style. My blog became my outlet for that love, and I enjoy posting about the outfits I create from my capsule wardrobe.

Lauren from Chic Éthique for Everlasting Apparel - Hanna's Places

If you could sum up your life at the moment, what would it be?

Presence, or whether that’s what I’m striving for in this season of life. It’s incredibly easy to be constantly distracted by endless information streams, but I’m working on giving my full attention to people and projects so I can be more effective as a teacher, friend, and blogger.


My fair fashion summer wishlist

Summer is approaching, I can feel it in the air! The days are longer again and ice cream season has officially started. As I told you, I make a list of clothes to buy at the beginning of each season. This summer, I am looking for fun and light-weight looks to make it a beautiful summer season full of great memories. This is my fair fashion summer wishlist, if you’re looking for some inspiration as well!

Fair fashion summer wishlist: Tops

+ A fun and light-weight blouse: I’ve recently rediscovered wearing fun blouses again! Since I work at an office, I am looking for summer looks that feel cool on my skin and still aren’t too revealing. A light blouse perfectly fits the bill, and this one from Thinking MU has sushi on it, so it’s definitely on my to-buy list ;)

+ An oversized white blouse: On days when I don’t want to wear sushi, white oversized blouses always do the trick. They look great with tan skin and just a bit of golden jewellery. I just ordered this one from JAN ‘N JUNE, it’s extremely comfortable!

+ A grey t-shirt: Another summertime staple. Yet I only just ordered my first one: A simple, grey and oversized t-shirt. You can wear it with a know and a skirt, or with shorts and red lipstick. So simple and yet so pretty!

+ A block-printed t-shirt: I love simple statement t-shirts, that are slightly boxy and look great with some fun jewellery. This one from Po-Em is handmade and just screams summer to me!

+ A statement tee: Another trend I am embracing this summer – and I’m so glad my fair fashion favourites are too! I’m gonna start with this Beach Please shirt, because that’s probably going to be my thought all summer long!

+ The classic: Stripes, stripes, stripes. Striped shirts aren’t on my list this year (I stocked up last summer). Still, I needed to include them here! Stripes are such a summer staple for. People Tree puts out some new shirts every season and they always look great. (more…)

5 sustainable June goals

5 sustainable june goalsHey guys, June is around the corner! Can you believe it? I feel that 2017 is slipping by in a second, wasn’t Christmas just last week? After lots of travel in April and May, I’ll actually be home in Bonn all month. I set myself a few sustainable June goals and challenges. I can’t wait for summer to finally arrive and this is the perfect time to slow down and just enjoy.

My sustainable June goals

+ Turn my home into an urban jungle: I want to take nature inside and decorate with plants instead of plastic. At the moment I only have one ponytail palm and a tiny cactus in my apartment. This needs to change, so I will definitely head to the nursery a couple of times this month.

+ Go offline for one day of the week: I’ve wanted to start doing this for ages! For one day of the week, probably Sunday, I want to switch off my phone, computer, everything with a screen. I’ve been glued to my laptop lately (guilty!), so this will hopefully give me some headspace again. And save energy as well, of course ;)

+ Have one vegan day a week: I’ll be honest, right now, veganism wouldn’t be the right fit for me. I truly love my cheese and latte art! But I want to cut back and be more conscious about it, so one vegan day a week is a small start. Let’s see where I’ll go from there!

+ Take my ill-fitting clothes to the taylor: I’ve got a big pile of clothes at home that I don’t wear because they don’t really fit. Instead of letting them further collect dust or throwing them away, I finally want to take them to the taylor. This is sustainable in two ways: I won’t buy new clothes AND there’s less waste out there.

+ Make my own iced tea: Homemade iced tea is so good! It tastes a lot better than the kind bought at the store and it’s much healthier too. If you have any great recipes, please share!

These are my sustainable June goals! What are you working on this month? Feel free to tell me in the comments :)

Everlasting Apparel – The OGNC

The OGNC for Everlasting Apparel

Today I have the great pleasure of introducing Laura from The OGNC to you on Everlasting Apparel! Her blogazine is a beautiful collection of fair fashion, natural beauty and recipes that seriously make your mouth water. She’s a student from Hannover and a fashion blogger who decided to switch to fair fashion a few months ago. Find out more about her and her Everlasting pieces below!

The OGNC for Everlasting Apparel

Tell us something about yourself and The OGNC!

Hi, my name is Laura, I’m from Berlin and I’m 23 years old. At the moment, I study Technical Documentation in Hanover, Germany. I’ve been thinking a lot about mass consumption over the last couple of months. In December 2016 it finally happened. Without any second thoughts, I completely sweeped out all of my cosmetics products I had and gave them away – for free.

Next, I spent some time researching sustainable fashion and decided to buy only second hand products or fair fashion from then on. My old blog actually talked a lot about conventionally produced products, so I launched “The OGNC” in April 2017 instead. The OGNC deals with natural and organic cosmetics, fair fashion, interviews and soon with a green lifestyle. (more…)

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