Links & Memories 32

Links & Memories 32Happy Sunday friends. Life is GOOD at the moment. Busy, of course, but filled with lots of fun, opportunities, and great people. This weekend was relaxed and slow and definitely what I needed to get ready for next week.

Links of the week

1. Spread a little kindness.

2. 10 Things to do before the year ends.

3. How much do our faces change during the day? Fascinating!

4. Recognition.

5. I got back into Instagram (thanks to the lovely Sara Tasker). Follow along!

Memories of the week

1. Yesterday, I went to see the new Woody Allen film, Café Society. It was fun and a nice evening, but definitely not one of his best movies.

2. On Thursday, I went to Cologne to see Patrick Salmen live. If you don’t know him, he’s a German poetry slammer and SO funny. We laughed till we were crying and had the most amazing time.

3. On Tuesday, I met up with an old friend I hadn’t seen in more than two years. We got pizza and talked for hours, it was a great time.

4. I’ve got into the habit of getting up extra-early every morning (5.30 am). Still working on it!

5. Autumn is almost over, Christmas is coming so I’ve started listening to Christmas songs on Spotify. Time to get in the holiday mood! (more…)

Links & Memories 31

links-memories-31Happy Sunday peeps! Another great autumn week is over (already) and I’m enjoying a slow day at home. I feel like life is really moving forward at the moment and I’m so excited about it. That’s why slow Sundays are even more important to re-charge for what’s ahead. I love spending the day not looking at the time, reading, baking, writing, blogging, going outside and then finishing it with the evening service at church. What’s your Sunday routine?

Links of the week

1. 30 Goal Ideas to nourish your mind, body and soul. I will definitely try the one-tab challenge soon!

2. Sadly shipping to Germany is a little expensive, but I love the Unsolicited Advice 2017 planner by artist Adam J. Kurtz.

3. I need a bouncer for my brain.

4. You can stream Leo DiCaprio’s climate change documentary Before The Flood on YouTube at the moment. Go ahead and watch it, it’s such an important topic.

5. Also, The Crown is on Netflix now! I’ve heard so many amazing things about the show on Queen Elisabeth II. life – the perfect autumn watch in my opinion.

Memories of the week

1. As I mentioned last week, it was a short work week because I had Monday and Tuesday of. It was a lovely time at home with lots of walks in the sunshine, Gilmore Girls nights with my mom and meet-ups with old friends. Can we do this again soon please?

2. I’m on a real banana bread-making roll at the moment and tried two new and yummy recipes this week! Can’t stop eating it.

3. I’m reading Bob Goff’s ‘Love Does’ at the moment and I can highly recommend it. It’s heart-warming, inspiring and funny too.

4. Yesterday I started a course on discipleship and I’m really excited about it. It’s going to run for four months and we’re really going to deepen our relationship with God. So expectant for what’s to come!

5. I also went to the theatre yesterday and saw Evita! It was so good and so much fun. I love going to the theatre (or ballet) and wish I could go more often – goal for this upcoming ‘dark’ season.

Goals for next week

I really need to take better care of my body and form some healthy habits again. Especially since it’s getting darker I tend to be a slacker in this department, so I want to set myself a few (tiny) healthy challenges each week til the end of the year.

1. Start taking my vitamins again. My doctor prescribed a few and I’ve been a real slacker lately. Need to get back on that health-train!

2. Eat at the dinner table. It’s a little embarrassing to call this a ‘goal’, but I’ve started to eat in front of the TV again.

3. Read a chapter of my book before turning on Netflix.

4. Clean my apartment before turning on Netflix and make it cosy.

5. Listen to one sermon every day.

That’s it for this week folks. Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday!

Links & Memories 30

Hello November

Happy November! This is a cliché thing to say, but can you believe October is over already? The last few weeks went by SO quickly and I guess it will be Christmas time in a heartbeat. Autumn is still in full swing over here and it’s simply beautiful: Sunshiny days and golden leaves everywhere. What about you?

Links & Memories

1. Today has been a public holiday in Germany and I took yesterday off, so I’ve had a glorious long weekend back home. As I said the weather is beautiful at the moment, so we went for a long hike on Sunday and for short evening walks every other day.

2. The first Gilmore Girls trailer has been released last week and now I really can’t wait. What about you?

3. I was sick for a few days last week (boo) and started watching Full House again – I used to watch it as a kid and it’s still fun! Has anybody watched it lately? And do you have thoughts on Fuller House?

4. On Saturday we went for a few drinks out withnold friends from school. We went to our favourite pub in my hometown – it was so much fun and really felt like old times again.

5. Yesterday was a fun and relaxed couch day for me and I discovered Katy’s blog. Give it a read if you’re in for some nice lifestyle posts!

I really hope this nice autumn weather’s going to continue for a couple more days – I’m really in the swing of autumn right now, eating pumpkins and drinking cider. Hope you have a great autumn week too!

Getting inspired by Chef’s Table

Getting inspired by Chef's Table - Hanna's Places

Have you guys watched the Netflix show ‘Chef’s Table’ yet? It’s a documentation series about some of the greatest chefs around the world, focusing on one of them in each episode. I have just finished watching the first season and I feel so inspired from it. Not inspired to cook necessarily but inspired to create and follow my passion. All of those chefs in the show are very different and from lots of different places as well, but still, there’s a couple of basic truths that unite all of them.

Lessons from Chef’s Table

1. They all know exactly what they are doing. Even though all the chefs are creating new things that have never been there before, all of them are highly trained as well. Many of them have worked in Paris and learned from the best. What does that teach us? You first need to learn your craft and practice a lot (!), before things will get as great as you imagine them.

2. Determination lead them where they wanted to go. Most of the chefs struggled with failure and disappointments in their career. Failed restaurants, unemployment etc. They still kept their dreams alive and just tried something different – the road to success is never straight.

3. They all prioritized good and simple ingredients over quantity. If you start with great basics, whatever you are creating will be so much better as well. Furthermore, it shows even more that mass-produced fast food only harms our bodies and our environment. Some of the chefs grow all the vegetables in their restaurants themselves – one even had his own farm. Consequently we can watch how much care goes into choosing the right dishes for each season. It’s simply fascinating!

4. Nature inspires all of them. There’s no better place to clear your head than being surrounded by nature and nothing else.

5. They were all confident about the fact that you they creative beings. We have all been created with a creative mind. It isn’t about whether you are creative or not, it’s about whether you have started creating yet or not.

If you haven’t watched Chef’s Table yet, you simply need to check it out.

Travel Diary: Back to Scotland!

Back to Scotland!This September, it was time to visit one of my favourite countries again: Scotland! Since spending my semester abroad in Scotland two years ago, the Scots have a special place in my heart. I went with my friend Theresa, one of my best travel buddies. She has also lived in Scotland for a few months and missed it just as much as me. Oh, it was a glorious trip! From the moment we touched down in Edinburgh, it felt like home again: The colours, the people, even the smell! Can I go back already?

Part 1: Edinburgh

The first part of our trip was spent in Edinburgh. We stayed at the Baxter Hostel, a lovely (and tiny!) hostel near Waverley station. It was my first stay in a room with 9 girls, but gladly everyone was really friendly and quiet. On top of that, we had a yummy home-cooked breakfast of eggs and toast in the morning which was included in the price.

Our first day in Edinburgh, we just walked around town smiling because we were back in Scotland. People might have thought that we’re pretty weird! We had an amazing scone at Wellington Coffee, took a walk to Calton Hill and went to the uni library bar for a lime & soda. After dinner at Mosque Kitchen (not the greatest atmosphere, but really tasty dhal for only a couple of pounds), we went to the pub quiz at Newsroom. A happy day!

On our second day we only had a couple of hours, so we did some more strolling (around the touristy streets as well) and went charity shopping. Then it was time for our second destination! (more…)

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