Culotte in Chinatown

Wearing my culotte in Chinatown - Outfit Post

Hey Culotte

While in London last month, I met up with old and new friends alike. We walked all over town, had some coffee and of course I grabbed the chance to take some outfit pictures. I found this culotte at a vintage store in Leiden, one of a few great purchases I made there. To be honest, culotte trousers are a little bit out of my comfort zone. I usually don’t venture far from my trusted skinny jeans or skirts. Anything that’s midi or well, a culotte, hasn’t made it’s way into my closet yet.

Wearing my culotte in Chinatown - Outfit Post

After seeing enough cool people wearing them and always liking it, that needed to change. This summer I have resolved to be a bit more adventureous in my shopping habits. I started with getting a wide-legged pair of trousers. It definitely helped that these are second hand. They were so much more affordable and I had to get them right that minute, so no turning back there. (more…)

10 London coffee shops you need to visit

10 London coffee shops you must visit

London and coffee, the perfect team. You probably know already: After living in London two years ago, it is one of my favourite cities in the world. The people, the streets, the restaurants, I love it all. And of course, the London coffee scene is amazing!

There are cool or cosy London coffee shops around every corner. On my last trip I had a lot of coffee, of course. I both tried some new places and visited my old favourites. If you’re planning on visiting soon, here’s my round-up of places you definitely need to go. By the way, if you’re looking for Paris or Berlin coffee, I’ve got you covered as well!

Ozone Coffee Roasters

The 10 London coffee shops you need to visit: Travel Guide
I have wanted to visit Ozone Coffee Roasters for absolute ages. This time, I finally made it. It’s a beautiful coffee shop near Old Street in East London.

The vibe there is beautiful, so you can easily sit there for hours on end, just drinking coffee, watching people and reading books. I went there for breakfast and had the most amazing banana bread with nut butter. Also, it’s open almost all the time. Highly recommended! (more…)

My 5 favourite slow fashion books

5 (unexpected) slow fashion books you should read now

Two relaxing things I really love: Fashion and books. So, especially in the summer time, what better way to wind down than reading about fashion and style? Summer has only just begun, but I am definitely planning on spending quite a few afternoons on a blanket in the park, reading my favourite slow fashion books. If you’re curious, I put together some of my all-time favourites. Some might surprise you on a list about slow fashion, but for me, learning more about your style is a vital part of slow fashion as well. Happy reading!

Slow fashion books to add to your reading list

+ Love x Style x Life: I have just finished Garance Doré’s lovely book (it actually prompted this post) and I loved it! I am aware that Doré doesn’t concern herself with ethical fashion, at least not to my knowledge. Nevertheless, she talks about a few of the most important principles of slow fashion: Buy the clothes you feel great in, not all the newest trends. Buy good quality. Know your colours and your style and you won’t need to buy new all the time. Fashion can’t help you if you don’t feel great in your own skin. These are just a few examples, but there’s so much more wisdom in Love x Style x Life.

On top of all her style advice, as a blogger, I loved reading about Doré’s journey to where she is now. She tells us more about her life between Paris and New York, body image issues, Fashion Week…as a fashion lover, it’s delightful. And also just a really beautiful book – don’t you dare and read the e-book! It’s light reading, so perfect for an afternoon on the balcony, with an iced tea on hand. (more…)

Travel Guide: How to spend a slow weekend in Leiden

How to spend a slow, sustainable weekend in Leiden

Summer time! This means holidays, free time, traveling! Over here in Germany, summer always starts with three bank holidays at the end of May. So, a few weekends ago, I travelled to Leiden in the Netherlands! It’s a beautiful little student town close to the coast. It felt a bit like walking through mini-Amsterdam – without the crowds and the red light district.

Apart from being really beautiful, Leiden is also the perfect spot if you want to spend a slow and sustainable holiday! You can get everywhere by bike or on foot, there’s a lot of vintage shops around and there’s healthy food options and small coffee shops too! I really fell in love with the town and its slow pace. That’s why I definitely recommend that you put it on your list of places to go! (more…)

Everlasting Apparel – Chic Étique

Lauren from Chic Éthique for Everlasting Apparel - Hanna's Places

Happy Tuesday! Today I want to introduce you to Lauren from ethical fashion blog Chic Éthique. I found her blog while I was looking for new ethical style bloggers to follow and instantly fell in love! She shares beautiful outfits, gives tips on how to get more wear out of your outfits and makes ethical fashion accessible for everyone. These are all big favourites in my book! Today, Lauren shares her favourite outfit with us and tells us more about her views on fair fashion. Enjoy!

Tell us something about yourself and Chic Éthique!

I’m a piano teacher by day and a fashion blogger over on my blog Chic Éthique by night! I did my university work in classical piano, but I’ve always had a love for style. My blog became my outlet for that love, and I enjoy posting about the outfits I create from my capsule wardrobe.

Lauren from Chic Éthique for Everlasting Apparel - Hanna's Places

If you could sum up your life at the moment, what would it be?

Presence, or whether that’s what I’m striving for in this season of life. It’s incredibly easy to be constantly distracted by endless information streams, but I’m working on giving my full attention to people and projects so I can be more effective as a teacher, friend, and blogger.


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