Products on my (organic) beauty wishlist

Products on my organic beauty wishlist | picture by @Helena La Petite | TME

As a part of my living a bit more environmentally conscious this year (next to going vegetarian + avoiding conventional retail) I also want to try to use as many organic and preferably vegan cosmetics as possible.
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The Body Shop Wild Argan Miracle Solid Oil


With December rolling around comes not only holiday cheer (and countless amounts of cookies, mulled wine and chocolate), but also the cold and – inevitably – dry winter skin and hair.
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A Bright Idea – Stop The Water While Using Me


Today I want to bring another great eco-friendly brand to you, Stop The Water While Using Me!
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A Bright Idea – Monkee Genes

MG60BW Bamboo Washed Cigarette Skinny_enl

Exhibit number one that organic fashion doesn’t have to be scruffy or overpriced: Monkee Genes.
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A Bright Idea – Mozaiq Eco Design


Welcome to yet another new category! I want to show you my favourite eco-friendly brands.
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