My fall bucket list

Fall Bucket List to enjoy the season

I’ve said it countless times, I’ll say it again: I L-O-V-E autumn! Especially late September/early October, when you can still remember the sweet summer sunshine and appreciate the cold mornings and crisp leaves even more.

Everybody is quoting F. Scott Fitzgerald at the moment – Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall. Well, what can I say, it’s so true! Autumn has always been a really productive time for me, the time to start new things and get creative. And after an inspiring and long day, there’s nothing better than sitting down with a cup of coffee, listen to the rain outside, get the knitting needles out and just relax. Here’s a list of what I’m looking forward to this autumn.


So much comfort food. No fall bucket list is complete without Käsespätzle, Maultaschen, Pillekuchen and Mutzen. If you don’t know these are all great German dishes to eat this time of year. They can’t be translated, but look the recipes up and try them. I don’t think anybody could actually dislike them!


Lots and lots of chai latte as I’m trying to master making it at home. And of course, hot cocoa, coffee and tea, anything warming.
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Wholegrain Walnut Bread

This year, I started dreaming about autumn sometime in the middle of August. It was a hot day, we were on holiday in England (there are still so many pictures I want to share by the way – soon!) and it was one of those perfect days spend doing nothing but relaxing.
I thought about which recipes I wanted to try and one that sounded especially autumn-ly and delicious was walnut bread. I’ve been experimenting with bread baking (not as easy as you might think) this year and it’s been really interesting learning the do’s and don’ts.

So, a few weeks later on the first autumn weekend of the year (it was cold and wet outside, so perfect if you just want to have a cozy day at home), I tried my first walnut bread. I don’t know if it is because of the nuts, but the smell alone was worth baking this bread. Since there’s honey in it it, it’s a little on the sweet side, so in my opinion it tastes best with honey and cream cheese. Fresh out of the oven it’s also delicious without any garnish, just on it’s own. Here’s the recipe:

homemade wholegrain walnut bread
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Super/Food – Walnuts

Today is officially the first day of autumn. The season of leaves on the ground, knits, hot chocolate and cozy evenings has finally begun. And every year with the beginning of fall, my appetite for nuts increases again. I know that you can technically eat them all year round, but somehow they seem to taste better when it’s cold outside, don’t you think? There’s an event in Germany called St.Martin, when kids go round the houses, singing songs and asking for sweets (something like Halloween without the scary stuff) and you always get enough walnuts and peanuts to last the cold months. Having them as a snack once home – freezing – is definitely a fond childhood memory of mine.

super food walnuts
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Everlasting Apparel – Earl Grey

Today I am so happy to introduce somebody new to you for Everlasting Apparel, this time it’s Jennifer from Earl Grey! I’ve started reading her blog a few months ago and everytime I visit I get inspired by the beautiful posts she shares. Next time I’m looking for birthday gifts, I will just visit her blog and find something truly unique. Or try a DIY project, because those look like I could actually tackle them, too (this one is my favourite). And if that’s not enough inspiration, Jennifer also has some tasty recipes and great outfits to share. Here’s the story of her favourite life-lasting piece:

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The Little Things – A Happy Home

Not too long ago I decided to finally put up one of my paintings in our living room. And because I felt the need for some flowers I also added some lilac below to dry.

It’s been a while since I last changed things around in our apartment, or made a real effort to make our place look nicer. That’s mainly because for a long time we weren’t sure whether we were going to stay in this place or move again (for various reasons). Now we’ve actually been living here for just over two years and I wish we had started making it our home properly right from the start – no matter how long we would end up staying. I mean putting up more pictures, buying plants and other little things…

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